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  1. Selling a set of OEM Halogen tail lights off my 2018 F56 MCS. Perfect condition; bulbs are still good, all tangs and clips intact. I removed to upgrade to Union Jack LEDs. Looking for $200 OBO.
  2. This is helpful. I think my plan here is ultimately to do a sports cat (not a full decat) and a Borla axle-back exhaust. Specifically, looking at: https://www.ecstuning.com/b-milltek-sport-parts/downpipe-with-high-flow-catalytic-converter-oem-exhaust-fitment/ssxm429~mll/ I would do a Stage 2 tune through Dinan at the same time, so the coding shouldn't be a problem. Would that pass, do you think?
  3. I'm looking to put a sports cat in my 2018 F56 S. Of course the vendors all say the downpipes are for off-road use only. Does anyone have experience with emissions on a sports cat? Will it pass in VA? Thanks so much!
  4. Just answering my own question for posterity here— Attach the Control Arm to the front axle support @ 100Nm + 90deg. Do this in normal position (car on the ground or hub supported). Attach to the wheel hub (beneath the strut) at 60Nm. The holder at the rear, which replaces the bushing, is 100Nm to the front axle support (two bolts of different lengths), and 56Nm + 90deg to the body (two bolts).
  5. Hi all—first post here, and grateful for any help in advance. I need to replace the front left LCA in my 2018 F56. I'm wondering if anyone has done this and has instructions/ torque specs. Seeing a bit of info for R5*s, but nothing for the F56s. Thanks so much, and looking forward to being part of the community.
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