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  1. I went with that yesterday for the wheel with the new tire, but didn't re-torque the rest. Now I will. Thx!
  2. I'm seeing 140nm / 103.3 ft # online., if anyone can confirm. This is for the lug bolts on a 2016 Mini S.
  3. Are the leaders and sweeps going to be on FRS radio? If so, what channel/sub-channel. I'm bringing a Midland FRS 36 channel radio with 121 privacy codes for channels 1-22 (83 DCS mode and 38 CTCSS).
  4. Ditto what Scott just said
  5. I RSVP'd, but need to drop out as I'm going out of town. I know the reg is limited to 10 so I'd like to make space for a replacement. If I can figure out how to cancel RSVP I will. Hope to motor with you guys another time.
  6. Bummer. I may still go if anyone wants to meet up.
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