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  1. Yup we live in Round Bay on Old County. As to pump brand, I forget which brands are available in that area, so you might have to do a bit of research.
  2. I'll be collecting gas gift cards for B & R again this year. For those of you planning to attend the Spaghetti Dinner Tuesday night, please give them to me then. I collected over $200 worth of cards last year, I'd like to equal or better that amount if possible. TIA
  3. Yeah parking's a problem there. We've actually had to sit in a line of cars, waiting for a space to open. Then again, it was a Saturday night so they were very busy. Wish I lived closer then you could park in my driveway...
  4. I live 15 minutes from Cantler's and have been there several times. Just an FYI: VERY limited parking and on weekends, a wait for a group your size could be an hour or more. There's no place to wait prior to seating, except in a parking lot i.e. no place to sit. Good luck.
  5. I'm sure they could, I would stick to Amazon as I don't know what restaurants are near them. Robin may also be on a restricted diet due to her MS. We'll also be asking for cash donations to help pay for a Kitchen Aid mixer that Barry expressed interest in. It's already ordered and will be presented at the Farewell dinner.
  6. Here's hoping. I'm more than a little nervous about Tuesday evening.
  7. Hey all you DCMM folks going to the Dragon this year. There's a movement afoot to present Barry and Robin Patascher with gift cards to show them our appreciation for all the work they do to make MOTD as great as it is. You see, Barry's brother died this past year which forced him to close their business. This early retirement was not planned and has caused them a lot of stress. Barry's wife Robin, has MS, which gets progressively worse with each passing year. More stress. Barry refuses to be paid for his time in organizing the Dragon, which is a full time job that takes 8 months
  8. I'll see you around 3. Now I'm wondering if I should wash the car since the roads will be wet tomorrow.
  9. No Michael?! Well, maybe I'll have to rethink this. Jk, of course. The weather looks good. What time would you be getting there?
  10. I'd almost do this just to visit with you and Michael. Let me think about it, and I'll RSVP as soon as I decide.
  11. Thanks for the link, but Fairfax is kinda far. I saw enough of NOVA when I had to go to Ptuning...repeatedly.
  12. NFW. I was going to go to the guy who did it originally. He's in Ellicott City which is pretty close to me. Where's Randy's shop? Celia has the stripes. Apparently, they are still made but just aren't featured any where on MINIUSA's site. I want someone who can do the stripes and the clear bra in one fell swoop.
  13. I need to find new bonnet stripes. Problem is, the ones that are on my car now aren't made any more and I can't find anything similar on the web. Suggestions?
  14. yes indeedy and it is suh-weeeett! :top::congrats::rock:
  15. yeah, can't watch it but I'll take your word(s) on how bad it was.
  16. A month has gone by and I still haven't heard from PTuning about info for a custom exhaust. I guess they either don't want to do one on an older car, or they don't want the business, period.
  17. Well, I don't want to be spiteful, but my heart bleeds ketchup for all you re-entry whiners. I never left my reality and it sucked.:bawling:
  18. I need to see pictures and videos of this past week! Craig, did you take your drone? I haven't seen a good close up of Stickers yet! I need vicarious thrills please!
  19. She got ripped so many new ones when folks found out that I don't think she's been back. Since I won't be there to run defense, y'all better behave.
  20. Keep to the posted speed limit unless you want to have an up close and personal chat with the local LEOs, which are every where and just waiting to bust people. Cool your brakes at each end of the Dragon..it is not a road you want to get brake fade on. If it rains, and you've either never driven the Dragon or only driven it a few times, stay off of it. ALL the roads up there are potentially dangerous...be awake and aware. The Hellbender actually eats more cars each year than the Dragon. it just doesn't get the same publicity. I highly recommend attending one of the free safety seminars th
  21. What is making me sad is that I probably could've attended. The vet's dire prognosis proved to be wrong...Winston's doing perfectly well. Have fun y'all.
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