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  1. I know this is an old thread, but did you ever compete?? How did/is your season go/going?
  2. Looks like another year that we will not be attending too many trips and track days planned already. I'm still going to try and make it to the dragon in 2018, just don't know when!
  3. Spotted Hillary (CHILLEN) in North Carolina yesterday!
  4. Is the winner of my photoshoot on here?
  5. Holy crap! If there is actual curbing there! Photoshoot cental!!
  6. Damn! Sorry to see this, I don't have any advice on glass, but I live in metro MD also. Can you share a specific location so I can avoid it!?
  7. BOTD dragon is really fun and gorgeous. Just remember it is VA, so watch out for cops!
  8. Yeah, its real easy to mod your way out of class. At the moment, my Exige isn't even legal in any SSCA SOLO class and that was just because of my new spoiler. Before I did my body modifications I was bumped into SSM because of my S/C. The 06 didn't come S/C from the factory, but the previous owner added an OEM equivalent, but since it wasn't exactly OEM, I was not eligible for SSP.
  9. Maybe nationally, but probably not at a small event. People who start modding their cars without thinking about car classing tend to over mod and end up in crazy advance classes (done this many times). So at smaller events, you typically have these "extreme cars" with novice drivers (myself included). I can see this being the case at MOTD, a lot of these cars are over done, and maybe 5% of them actually race. Good luck, have fun, and bring back a trophy for DCMM!!
  10. "No changes are allowed to supercharger drive system pulleys. Belt tensioners may be added/changed to reduce belt slip. " Chapter 15, 4.C This seems to knock you out of DSP. EDIT: Sounds like SMF
  11. RDG_RCR

    MINI on the Mack

    haha! I'm not sure if we will be able to make yet, but we would like to. It's on the calendar.
  12. RDG_RCR

    MINI on the Mack

    You know, if Mark takes Max, I can take Tigger and that's 3 more towards the record!
  13. I haven't used the 60s, but I had the 30s and loved them! I'm using the Carbotech xp12 and 10s now. Tomorrow is my first track day of the season, so I'll see how they do.
  14. I use https://www.knsbrakes.com/c/home a lot, but recently I just ebay'd and pieced together what I was looking for to save some pennies. When talking track pads, cheap isn't really an option (just spent $400+ on pads alone) depending on what you are really looking for. If by saying "track" you mean better than stock, that can bring the prices down greatly. I use to think I needed the fanciest rotors, but after talking to some racers who go through multiple sets a season, they just get the cheapest (safest) available. I couldn't bring myself to buy a solid rotor, so I just made sure I had
  15. Generally I agree. T-shirts, nice clean design, Bingo buttons, Gawdy as possible!
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