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  1. Donross

    MINI Together

    Finishing up now for 0900 at Annapolis. How about everyone else? They only had 3 available spots...but Montgomery and Baltimore are looking quite available. May end up switching to allow wife and kids to join along.
  2. This one popped up in NJ a few days ago... {Hopefully the link works} https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/4123603147725297/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A9ae62636-40b7-4c1a-a62e-fbdba007d856
  3. Also, if it's worth it to you do drive down to Stafford or Fredericksburg (check before you go) they tend to keep the better MINIs separate from the normal picking cars. They'll remove the part for you, or may luck out in the larger yard. Was just at both of those this weekend
  4. I'm still trying to determine if MOTD is in my future or not this year. Balancing out MOTD, possible MTTS, and then a massive family vacation at the end of Aug.
  5. Bumping these TTT, just in case someone did need these.
  6. I know I am late on this, but are the roof rails still available? Also, curious if the Blizzak set have the TPMS within them
  7. I have 3 Avid ENVigor ZPS tires available for sale, these are runflat tires and all in the same spec (195/55RF16 87V). They are currently with me in Edgewater, MD. I had planned on installing these on another set of rims, but chose to keep the winter set installed. One tire is brand new. The other two are used but have substantial amount of thread left, one previously plugged and the other had a razor blade in the thick part of the tread. I have not tested these other two tires (highlighting the areas with white chaulk), but the lady I received them from removed them all and replaced with new tires before selling her R52 non-S. I can bring these almost anywhere in the DMV, but would need to coordinate a date/timeframe. Selling for $60. Can be reached via PM
  8. I was not able, the car started acting up in other areas that soaked all the attention. This has been added to the MINI-DO-LIST when I get back, lol.
  9. And there is this guy that is at work...needing to go to MINI of Montgomery to pick up a sensor to get my car running so I can leave tomorrow. I still need to finish packing, lol. Just haven't set myself up properly for a smooth trip this year.
  10. Car is still down... hoping to cut out of work early today to get a better direction. I'll be down to the wire on this one...
  11. Yeah, at this point it's hitting the necessities then working towards the other items
  12. Clear out CEL issues P1688, P0107, P1106 Need MAP mount and screws (JY trip) Radiator Flush Replace Thermostat Need a basin to flush this out Dispose of old fluid Sort out Exhaust rattle Muffler replacement on the passenger side, both sides? Replace fuel Filter Order Fuel filter Install sound deadening material Need roller Build rear seat delete Need Materials and carpet Replace intake filter Measure and order K&N common Check cabin filter Install Boost gauge Careful on vacuum line routing Install Oil Pressure gauge Oil Change Drain Oil Install Ultra-Gauge Need spliter to run dongle for LapTimer Install New Seats Should have 3.9ohm resistors ready Potential welding of r53 brackets to New seats Detail cleaning Install brake cooling kit Remove wheels and front bumper Inspect brake pads New pads (EBC Yellowstuff) Tires Measure out tread life Clean & Treat Final Inspection Wash & Detail Car
  13. Hi Steve, I'm interested. Would you be able to send a picture, please?
  14. Got the V-neck 3/4 sleeve option. If I recall, it's typically brisk in the mornings.
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