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  1. The classics should be leading this drive - it gets too fast toward the back of the line for them to realistically keep up.
  2. I hear that the route changes directions each time. So, in theory, the next one would be east to west.
  3. We're missing a few other DCMM folks in this shot - but here we are at the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA. Good times! :itsme:
  4. I was actually talking to Erin when this happened. The bridge was under construction, so the road wasn't in the best condition. There was some sudden braking from the lead car, and the line of MINIs were following closely (maybe too close), and got bunched up. There were walls on both sides, so there was no way to pull off - unavoidable. Bummer, but nobody was hurt, so we really can't ask for more. Looks like the most damage went to Kowalski. Kyle Conner - you know, the guy who boiled his brakes on the Dragon? I'm sure if it's fixable, it'll happen ASAP. He already suffered a couple of injuries in the first few days that were repaired, including a melted blow-off valve. You can MELT a blow-off valve?! If you drive like Kyle, you can. :burnout:
  5. I'm back to work today after my week (just over 2K miles) on MTTS. Whew!! What an adventure! If you have the time and scratch to do it, I definitely recommend it. There was something great in every city, and even though you spend the majority of the time in your car, what better way to see America that through the eyes of your MINI?! Of note: 1. Waze saved us from the 5-0 quite a few times. 2. Countryman had the biggest failure rate of all the MINI models. In the first 3 days alone, almost HALF of them had engine/performance issues. 3. Every city set up speed traps. The MTTS route was public, and the police weren't there to make friends. 4. Highway 550 is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Most. Stunning. Road. Ever. 5. More miles motoring = more probability for accidents, mechanical failure, police interference, etc. It's the fun toll - take it and keep on motoring!
  6. San Francisco to Austin! I leave in 11 days!!! :burnout:
  7. ...aaaaaand, 5 minutes later, both videos are now private. GOOD.
  8. Oh my - seems that my comments were not well received by Miss Creighton. She posted a second (and just as terrible) night-driving video that I also expressed my thoughts on in the comments. I just want to be clear - I don't know Kelli personally - I'm sure she's a lovely person (and I'm not being sarcastic). But, this sort of driving is just plain dangerous and shouldn't be ignored. She's bragging about it, and labeling all MINI drivers as reckless in the process. I was prepared for her to get defensive and I'm not mad about her response or name-calling, really. It's not personal, except when she could pull this shenanigans when I or my friends/loved ones are driving on the road with her and end up getting in a collision or WORSE. :stickyman:
  9. Update: I sent a link of the offending to video to Barry (as did Haemish). He wasn't happy about it. It's been removed from the MOTD site and it now seems to have been deleted from LXM as well. Good! :congrats:
  10. Thanks for the feedback! It's not usually my style to call somebody out like this (especially someone that I don't even know), but this was too infuriating to ignore. I did leave comments on the youtube video and I'll see about sharing that link, like you suggested.
  11. Kelli Creighton (Blaze) posted this on FB, but she should be embarrassed. I got uneasy in the first 30 seconds or so, and thought that surely the camera angle is giving some weird perspective on how close to the yellow line she really is. Madness ensues at :53 :afraid:, hold onto your hats at 3:52 :ahhhhh: and make sure you're sitting down for 4:33. :thumbsdown:
  12. omgMINI


    Where is the like button!?!?:top::congrats: EDIT: This is Tyler, I thought I was on my account...oops!
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