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    I am a crazy nurse who's on an adventure of a lifetime
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    Cruising in Soulfire
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    uhhhh MINI stuff... and my dogs, and crafts
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    Delivering mini MINI motorists


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    Cooper S (Hatchback)
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  1. WHAA HAAAAA.. My niece's birthday party is this day.. :banghead:
  2. Unless something crazy happens, I plan to be there
  3. now lets hope the migraine I've obtained today goes away....:banghead:
  4. I think I may come out with my boys! (Kodie and Jake :elephant:) I will TRY to clean my car, but it's more of seeing y'all and getting Jake used to MINIs! (for those of you who don't know.. they are dogs...) Save me some coffee at Panera!
  5. I would go to this over the M&G... I like sitting inside, drinking beer muuuuuch better :laugh:
  6. Oh yeah, huh.. Well I will try to make it on another weekend then! Now I read back in the thread...
  7. What to bring.. what to bring... what to bring???? Hmmmm...
  8. Wheee Heee! I want one.. two... or 4? LOL
  9. Ok... Decision made... I'm getting back into the club:top:
  10. I so wish we had a like button LOL:rofl:
  11. :top: darn it.. maybe I should as well :laugh:
  12. YOU BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I'll wear clothes.. that's as nice as I have.. :rofl:
  14. HAPA and I will be there! Can't wait to see y'all!
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