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  1. I just noticed this. I take my 09 JCW to the track and often am the only MINI there ( I have never done a time attack) , had the JCW to NJ Motorsports Thunderbolt last Thurs -a pretty fast track, with Mustang Challenge Cup cars, Lotus Elise, M3s and the JCW did great. I hope to see more MINI's on track.Good luck with you Time Attack! MARK
  2. I will be traveling out of town, have a great 4th everyone.
  3. Hey Scavenger- i am at Mach V right now and saw this post as I am waiting for coilover install and Matt ( Mach V ) confirmed you numbers for thw Hawk ceramic pads. Good luck! MARK
  4. That is a true classic! What fun to watch the calm focus of Haemish and the pure adrenalin of Ali - that is an awesome veiw of the thrill of driving the Dragon!
  5. I hope to stop by with a couple freinds from 'Burning River MINIS' MARK
  6. I just received the blackout grill trim for my JCW from MACH V -I will put it on this week. I will look for you pics.
  7. Ummm -can you plug a blender into a MINI?:laugh:
  8. Hey RAB-I came to this last year and would like to come along again -can I hide the Lotus in back somewhere? We are going to CA. on vaca. next week and I am renting an MCS in S.F. ( Just to prove my good intentions! lol) MARK
  9. Very nice picnic..I came by at the end (I was on a run to Gettysburg british show)but glad I could meet up and visit it is great to see you all.great job laura ,katy et al - a beautiful day and a beautiful venue! Thanks ed for pointing out the v1 chord
  10. I will be going - leaving sometime Weds, had planned to leave afternoon and get there late, but probably won't be able to sleep Tues nite and wind up leaving -like early A.M. Weds -to get a run in before the sunset.
  11. Hey -I have wanted to check one of these out, have never been but would like to begin to learn about it, first step -show up and check it out?
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