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  1. Sounds like a good plan :top: I can meet most evenings or weekends anywhere around Chantilly, Fairfax or Sterling area. If you are going to Ted's next week I could possible meet where you all park.
  2. I am a little surprised from the lack of response especially on the maintenance parts. Either people don't work on there own MINIs anymore or much fewer R53's since I left. I guess next option will be Craiglist or EBay
  3. Congrats Tattrat :top: I was very close but I did not have room in my garage and I refused to park the Rubicon outside Hey Larry I do know how tough it was to part ways with your MINI. I sold mine and I still miss Gute Fahrt.
  4. You must be a comedian ? The Jeep is my new toy and it ain't going anywhere but muddin ? If only I had the garage space and a few extra dollars ?
  5. The smoke-out kit is all yours. Message me your address and I will mail them to you Monday. We will figure out the money later. Thanks Brian. *Since I haven't heard back, these are available again.
  6. Hey Larry long time no see. Every time I read this I am tempted. I sure miss mine sometimes. Do you want to trade for my 2008 Ford Escape ?
  7. I never got around to installing. It is still in the package. Here are the instructions: http://www.fes-auto.com/upload/doc/52/Ian_Cull_Auto-Up_V7_User_Guide.pdf
  8. MINI Cooper parts - these were all bought for my 2005 MINI Cooper S - Everything is new except for Scan Gauge Scan Gauge II $80-SOLD Detroit Tuned Tension Stop strap $10 NGK R53 Iridium IX plugs- 1 heat colder $18-SOLD Power flex R53 Tensioner bushings $22-SOLD Gate belt for a 15/17% pulley K060535 $15 Oil filter cap socket 35/36 KTI 73619 $6 OEM Expansion tank cap $7 Ian Cull's auto-up circuit V7 stamped 2009 $30-SOLD Alta silicone intercooler couplers-red $18 MINI Cooper spare tire from Detroit Tuned $60-SOLD Outmotoring side reflectors smoke-out kit $10-SOLD Bentley MINI
  9. JUST another option for anyone that doesn't want to drive in to Fairfax
  10. Here is the replacement Cars and Coffee from ODCC. "For those that are not aware, the Cars & Coffee held at Kohl's near Fair Oaks was shut down a few weeks ago. Since then, a new location was identified, and their inaugural event is happening this weekend, July 12th. The new location is at Dunkin Donuts in Dulles Landing from 7 - 9 AM. I'll be attending since it's about 5 minutes from my house. ;-) Here is their Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/CarsandCoffeeDullesLanding Hope to see you there! --Rick " Dulles Landing is off of Route 606 near the intersec
  11. From the Facebook page - " From VP Asset Mgmt for Peterson: This meet is officially shut down. There will be police on sight from this point forward to write tickets if anyone chooses to violate this. PLEASE DO NOT COME TO KOHL'S CNC NEXT WEEK - doing so would be at your own risk. Reasons Given: - Unauthorized Use of Private Property... - Racing through the Neighborhood "
  12. I just got an email from NoVa Sports Car Club that the Kohls Cars and Coffee was shut down by the police today due to hooligans :banghead: It sounded like the event is shut down for good. There is more info on the Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/KohlsCarsandCoffee?fref=ts
  13. Finally a close to my house event not on a weeknight :top: But I will be on an all day adventure to NJ to help get a little car :motor:.
  14. Brian I found them last night. They look good with no broken tabs. I was thinking $30 for them. I am in Chantilly. If interested, we can meet anywhere from Chantilly to Vienna. Brian
  15. I have a set of white ones somewhere in the garage. I will see if I can find them
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