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  1. I have a MINI space saver for my JCW. For that wheel to fit over the rear brakes you will need a 15mm spacer. I have an extra one I can sell you. You will also need longer lug bolts and I think I have four I don't need. Just a thought.
  2. You know that NBC Sports had a half hour daily recap of each day's racing.
  3. I know that it's early but I just checked with Accuweather and it doesn't look too good...rain every day! Let's hope that changes in the next seven days.:motor:
  4. Because I live in Hagerstown I always take I-81. That being said heavy truck traffic is mostly on a Friday and Sunday nights. In the past I make Knoxville from Hagerstown in a tad over six hours. You will have no prob- lem with I-81.
  5. I had black gauge faces put on by Helix at the Dragon.
  6. Just saw this. Go to www.tailofthedragon.com and up close to the top you will see where to click on a video "new speed enforcement on the dragon?" It is a hoot and well done!!:laugh::motor:
  7. Whatever you decide on try to have the option of a black shirt along with the white.
  8. I'm leaving Hagerstown about 0400 Wed. morning which should put me there approx 1200-1300. Last time I made Knoxville in 6.5 hours.:motor:
  9. Merry christmas to all.:motor:
  10. Five stars everyone, five stars!! Great turn out and no issues that I was aware of. Big thanks to all who had anything to do with it!:motor:
  11. If you find the leak in the morning after the car has been sitting all night then it is the thermostat leaking. There is a white plastic gasket that gets deformed. When the motor is hot it seals perfectly but at night when the motor cools down it will leak. My 2006 R53 needed replaced last year. It took the mechanic about 45 min. to replace.
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