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  1. Getting back to my rwd roots, so it's time to say goodbye to my mini. 07 mini cooper S (r56 turbo). 85k miles, Black over Lightning blue, manual trans, sport package (hids, dsc), premium package (panoramic sunroof, auto climate control, cruise control), factory installed LSD, cloth interior. Comes with TSW springs, custom 2.5" catback (real mellow), NM torque mount insert, black jack inside mirror cover. New in the last 5k miles: Power flex lcas, interstate battery, Detroit tuned turbo oil supply hose, oem oil return hose, upstream o2 sensor, both cowl covers, hood release handle
  2. is it too late to say i've got my stock cat back, that was cut after the 2nd cat?
  3. Saw "il duce" parked at the wegmans in Waugh Chapel this evening.
  4. I followed a jcw r56 black/red roof on kw suspension through historic ellicot city last saturday. Anyone know who it was?
  5. I'm going too. May or may not register though, depends on how lazy I am lol. But I need a place to crash. Anyone have a couch or floor space for me? Not picky and don't even need a whole room.
  6. IIRC I did mine the same and RichSperry. The DV sound through the intake is higher pitched and I do think I noticed a slight drop in mpgs. Hard to say really as I haven't been driving it as much (going about 2 weeks between fill ups), and when I do, I tend to have a lead foot (it's so much fun to spin second from a roll ).
  7. I'm interested in the shocks/springs. I take it you want the stock ones to swap straight to. Pm me so we can set something up to swap them out.
  8. I'll be heading back towards home - Rochester/Lake Ontario Ny.
  9. What are you tring to run off it?
  10. That's cool, I was just gonna take them apart and check them out. I've got 3 sets for the mini anyway. Good they went to someone who'll use them.
  11. I'm a sucker for free wheels and am very tempted. These are the 2 piece ones right?
  12. Went on a nice drive this afternoon with some friends. Got a few decent pics, here's a rolling shot:
  13. Because less material costs more to make? ::shrug::
  14. I tagged a pw r56 jcw up in Syracuse over the weekend. Just saw it sitting in the mall parking lot and figured, what the hell?
  15. I'm in bowie/greenbelt, but I could meet you in like columbia or something if you wanted. I have a custom catback on mine. 2.5" with chambered resonator and magnaflow muffler.
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