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  1. You still looking? Ok, what are you looking for? Lol Rich
  2. All I've got is the hood scoop, and subwoofer.
  3. Still have the catch can JCW carbon hood scoop Multifunction steering wheel buttons NM shifter and cover And the sub system... Come on Miniacs... let's move this stuff. Rich
  4. The MINI is gone, but I've got some stuff left over. Subwoofer box (JL Audio 10TW3-2 sub), JL Audio XD300-1 amp, Covered false floor, brackets... I have a ported box, and a sealed box, your choice, we can talk about which is which... Originally bought the Integral Audio sub system. It was junk. So I built a better sub with MUCH better components. This box fits like the integral system, but with the speaker grill exposed. No cutting of any of the tie downs. Easily removable... All you need is an AMP wiring kit, (8ga) Awesome flat 10" 2 ohm sub, 300W rms amp, level controller, amp bracket, will help with installation. $500... The speaker is $300 alone.. Amp is over $300. Feel free to give me a call. Rich
  5. BSH catch can and boost tap for N14 engine $100, and I'll install it for you.(sold) JCW Carbon fiber hood scoop. Perfect condition, $300 JCW Alcantara/Leather steering wheel, (best mod ever.. You touch it every time you drive) $300 including carbon fiber JCW lower trim cover (sold) Black Multifunction steering wheel buttons, Update the look of your car with the black steering wheel buttons. ($80) (looks great with the above steering wheel) (sold) NM Engineering short shift adapter and cover box. ($90) (sold) I'll install the above parts if you get them... (free) Lastly, custom subwoofer setup. Originally I bought an Integral Audio system. Arc Audio amp died, (replaced under warranty, but the amp killer the driver), Sooo, It's now a JL Audio dx 300.1 amp, and a JL Audio 10- TW3-2 sub in a custom sealed box. The amp mounts using the Integral audio bracket, in the same location, but both the sub and the amp are WORLDS better than the Integral stuff... It also has a flat cover with just part of the speaker grill exposed, offset to the left. Anyway, it's a great setup.. Looking for $400 for the amp, box, cover, bracket... All you would need is an amp wiring kit (8ga)
  6. Selling a set of NM Engineering RS Alpha springs excellent condition. Fits all Second Gen MINIs. R56,57,58,59,60... Near Baltimore, Buyer pays shipping. Can help with installation. $175 OBO (reasonable) (new $249 plus shipping)
  7. Selling car, BSH catch can and boost tap for N14 Mini S. (Second gen Mini turbo, 2007-2011, Up to 2012 JCW. Asking $145 for both parts, install available while you wait.
  8. Selling JCW leather/Alcantara steering wheel. Genuine MINI part. $300 Simply the best mod I did to the car. Feels great every time you drive it. Works on any second gen Mini with manual transmission. It may work with paddle shifter autos, but I'm not sure. I also have a set of black multi function steering wheel buttons to give your car a facelift look.$100 Also a carbon fiber JCW trim piece for the bottom of the steering wheel. $60 Yes you can simple use your buttons and trim part, I just have cooler ones. I'll install the wheel in your car. Yes it retains the airbag.
  9. R56 factory jcw exhaust. Down pipe back. I'll install it for you if you want. $350. Eldersburg MD. Rich
  10. Ok, I'm listing my MINI for sale. $16,500 The good. Original owner, records since new. 56,000 miles. Never tracked, just my fun daily driver. All service records, and Blackstone Labs oil analysis. Front end clear bra on bumper, hood, scoop, door edges and mirrors. (since new) Just had new thermostat and crank seal replaced, along with the Serpentine belt. Chili Red, black roof and mirrors, black cloth sport seats, anthracite headliner. Premium, cold weather, sport packages. Harmon Kardon, Bi xenon headlights, headlight washers, white turn signals, sport stripes, black crown spoke wheels with 215-45-17 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. JCW carbon rear hatch handle. 5% tint on the sunroof. Rennline RSR door pulls and pedal set. FJCW exhaust, or stock MINI S exhaust with JCW tuning kit tips, H Sport rear camber arms. ECS GeoMet coated rotors (front and rear) with EBC red stuff pads. (10K miles) I’ve removed the Koni shocks and TSW springs, (GREAT COMBO), and will include or reinstall for new owner. It has the stock shocks and springs that had 8000 miles when I installed the Koni’s. I also have a JCW carbon hood scoop, it has a brand new chili red scoop Included in sale are my set of 16” winter wheels (Enkie, Michelin Pilot Aplin3 snow tires with TPMS installed.) Quaife lsd, RWM tuning, AFE panel filter, BSH catch can, NM torque arm insert JL Audio subwoofer and amp. Plus more that I can’t think of…lol The bad. It’s had 2 small fender benders, and I mean little. I have pics and receipts from the best MINI body shop in Baltimore that fixed the car when it was less than a year old. This is a great car, but I’m getting a new Corvette, so it’s got to go… If you are interested, send me a PM and I’ll send pictures, and discuss it. Rich
  11. Yes. It fits all 2nd gen MINI's. And all pm's replied too.
  12. I'm trading the MINI on a 2016 C7 Corvette Z51... Yeah I know... So I'll have a lot of neat parts coming off the MINI Alta intercooler FJCW exhaust NM Short Shift and cover box JCW strut brace JCE Leather/Alcantara steering wheel Black multifunction buttons JCW carbon bottom steering wheel cover JCW carbon hood scoop Koni yellow shocks and struts, including the rear strut hats modified for the Koni shocks Craven speed dip stick Craven Speed Scan Gauge mount FES Autosport module H Sport 19mm rear sway bar, H Sport rear control arms. All parts are for R56 n14 car. All parts are still on the car, and will be off when I trate it. Just putting it out there, I'll install any and all parts for free. If you get the control arms you will need an alignment, anything else requires nothing. Rich
  13. My friend Vic is selling his Koni FSD shocks. (he , (actually I) installed Koni Yellows on his car, I'm getting really good at it...lol) No matter what they tell you do not install these with lowering springs. He tried with NM Alpha springs, and was not happy. The ride was the best I've ever felt in a MINI, but they are too long for use with lowering springs. These have maybe 1000 miles on them. And I'll install them on your car. Price includes installation. He'll sell them without installation, but I work cheap, so don't expect much off..lol These will be awesome with stock springs. (as everybody says) http://www.northamericanmotoring.com/forums/mini-parts-for-sale/293459-koni-fsd-shocks-almost-brand-new-installed.html
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