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  1. Laura let me know if you need my help as a volunteer for the scavenger hunt.
  2. How bad is the damage? Royal Autobody in Sterling is very good. Don't take your MINI to Ashburn Collision - contrary to what people have said in the past - my experience with them is horrible. My car had to be repainted twice.
  3. yes.. mine suffered through diesel knock and three cam tensioner chains until MINI finally got it right.
  4. I need to get your names into a hat for a special prize drawing that you don't want to miss! Thanks! Krutty.
  5. And installed everything the front and rear swaybars. Dan from Mach V installed a 22MM rear sway bar giving me much better perfomance and saved me about 7 hours of labor on the install because I decided not to touch the front sway bar (you have to drop the whole front subframe just to install the front sway bar).
  6. Let me check with the Service Manager and find out why you're being quoted more than 1,000. That doesn't make sense.
  7. An event I can actually make because I work there! :-) Come meet Krut's stuffed beaver - he's in need of dental work and a teeth whitening.
  8. I found out our cabin 469 is somehow assigned to someone else - we currently have a mixture of QoC members and to be newly inducted QoC Members staying in our cabins 1012 and 1010 i believe. Look for the QoC flag when we arrive wed night.
  9. We recommend Donnie Warren from ProShield (http://www.proshieldinc.com/ )- he does all our work here at MoS - Donnie always does great work - he also races weekends for VW in the VW TDi Cup - he's becoming quite the prolific racer.
  10. That lightning blue MINI with white roof is Marcus Neeley - he works at MoS. :-) He'll appreciate that you saw his MINI. :star:But looks like he's already said so in here. Silly me.
  11. Has been moved to the following weekend. Breakfast still stands this weekend. We're looking forward to hosting you guys!
  12. Let me check but I believe its $14.95 for topoff service.
  13. In conjunction with our March blowout - we're actually going to do something special to include the club in our festivities this month - I'll have more details as they become available - but for now expect hot dogs, circus clowns and of course a great
  14. Will be attending. Think I'm going down Wednesday. e30r56 you are reserved in my cabin - be prepared for drinking with Xiek.
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