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  1. JustJAY

    Mods on the Dragon - Caution

    Way can pay for the bolt to stay :rock::rofl:
  2. JustJAY

    Mods on the Dragon - Caution

    I bet it was Way. Mr 10 min sway Way. :rofl:
  3. JustJAY

    Lifetime Alignment

    Um, why are you getting an alignment after a swaybar installed?
  4. JustJAY

    So who's going?

    There is Haemish :rock: If I were to go, I would have to leave Friday night and get there Sat early morning and be there for about a day. Not worth it.
  5. JustJAY

    So who's going?

    Not going this year. I don't know about MINInurse though.
  6. JustJAY


    Nice COOP! :top::rock::congrats:
  7. JustJAY

    Runflat Flat

    Chad @ Detroittuned.com sells the Cooper spare. I am considering getting one.
  8. JustJAY

    Clearance Wheel-a-palooza!

    Backups since they are going to be extremely difficult to obtain.
  9. JustJAY

    Clearance Wheel-a-palooza!

    Damn I wish I had the money
  10. JustJAY

    DCMM Annual Post-Holiday Party

    Just wondering, but is this a member only thing or can ex members attend?
  11. JustJAY

    DCMM Annual Post-Holiday Party

    It was pretty Krutty of them to do it :rofl:
  12. JustJAY

    Web Spokes Free

    Not sure if these will fit your MINI 2nd Gen has bigger lug holes
  13. JustJAY

    University of Maryland MINI Survey Invitation

    This is like the 3rd survey from a UMD student that is on survey monkey since I have owned a MINI. I wonder if it is a student idea or a professor.
  14. JustJAY

    S-Lites for sale

    LOL going back on the car!!!