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  1. Way can pay for the bolt to stay :rock::rofl:
  2. I bet it was Way. Mr 10 min sway Way. :rofl:
  3. Um, why are you getting an alignment after a swaybar installed?
  4. There is Haemish :rock: If I were to go, I would have to leave Friday night and get there Sat early morning and be there for about a day. Not worth it.
  5. Not going this year. I don't know about MINInurse though.
  6. Nice COOP! :top::rock::congrats:
  7. Chad @ Detroittuned.com sells the Cooper spare. I am considering getting one.
  8. Backups since they are going to be extremely difficult to obtain.
  9. Just wondering, but is this a member only thing or can ex members attend?
  10. It was pretty Krutty of them to do it :rofl:
  11. Not sure if these will fit your MINI 2nd Gen has bigger lug holes
  12. This is like the 3rd survey from a UMD student that is on survey monkey since I have owned a MINI. I wonder if it is a student idea or a professor.
  13. LOL going back on the car!!!
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