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Found 3 results

  1. Well, it looks like another winter storm is bearing down upon us so I'm here to offer something to cheer you up! After lots of deliberation and brainstorming, we've finally settled on a Tshirt design for MINIs On The Dragon. I'm attaching the artists representation of the shirt so you can see it now. We opted for a gray Tshirt this year, that's something new and you'll notice that the design features a 2nd Generation MINI while still paying homage to the 1st Generation. Ordering information is now in post #14 of this thread.
  2. We have the cabin Tuesday-Saturday 3 bedroom, 2 bath, full kitchen cabin. We have a cabin near the fire pit, which will be noisy at night because of people hanging out there. There will also be many people around because of the location, so if you are sensitive to noise, don't stay with us. All full. Come visit, it is cabin #617 near the firepit The cabin costs $286.84/night with taxes and everything. It depends on how many we have as to how much we each pay. Need to know ASAP since MOTD is around the corner.
  3. Don't forget to register :wavey: