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Hey all, A friendly reminder that run registration open on 17 Feb at 0900. For those that this is their first time, if there are runs you really want to attend you need to be on the site at 0900. Popular runs fill up within minutes.


That being said you must have purchased your registration prior to registering for runs, registration for the event is currently open with 319 people already registered. I recommend getting that knocked out prior to the 17th, so you can be longed in with your coffee ready to go.


I have attached a visual timeline of the events, it can sometimes be difficult to see what conflicts with what just reading the times. I also color coat the runs based on pace. I recommend opening in chrome, zoom in, and each event is hyper link to the info page so you can click and get all the detail on each event.


Folks that have been can likely weigh in on what were fun runs they have participated  in in the past? @MELO-R56 @TheEnglishBeat @Mitzy @Obsessive @GreenCactus @TGGRRR (Ali) @SneakyBaron @SierraRoses @Sanderson Clan @Edge @CHILLIN


I will start to find a good time for a club dinner run. We usually do a short drive out to a restaurant on Saturday evening before every heads home on Sunday.

MOTD Schedule 2024.pdf


1975 Mini 1000, 998cc A+ w/ K&N air filter, 10" Mamba wheels

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