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    Rabid car nut, decent mechanic, first car 1967 MGB
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    MINIs, Minis and more minis
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    Anything for a Buck! - Consulting


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    Pre-2002 - Classic Mini
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    Monty and Pedro
  1. Will this be the annual Halloween party at Passport?
  2. Tint party

    Ali, I'll take whatever slot is available, Wardell says he will need 90 minutes for the vette. Thanks!
  3. MTTB 7 parade

    Many thanks from "your little Mini classic friends"!!! Guess I need another t-shirt, in each color!
  4. Paintless Dent Removal Party

    I will stop by around lunch and see what he says and see if he can fit me in.
  5. Paintless Dent Removal Party

    I don't know if it is possible but Monty has a small dent in his boot lid from someone pushing on the lid too hard while latching it. I could stop by at the lunch break and see if anything can be done, if not no harm checking it out.
  6. Retro/Classic MINIs

    DC Retro Minis is not dead! The webmaster dropped out so the site died, so it is really hard to get everyone together. Right now we rely on text and word of mouth to spread the word on get togethers and events. Classic mini owners are an odd lot and true classic british car enthusiasts, some do not drive their cars very often, some are in various stages of restoration, or in my case repair. There are only a handful of daily drivers. And I do have to admit there is some snobbery about the new Minis being BMWs. That being said I will spread the word on the invitation and see if anyone is interested. I will be there if my schedule allows, but I doubt the classic will be back on the road by then.
  7. 4th Annual DCMM Picnic

    OK, see you there, the race is at 7 so everyone should be fine coming in for noon.
  8. 4th Annual DCMM Picnic

    This is my neighborhood and I know all the roads very well, I could help whomever is planning the formal or informal run to the ferry or wherever around the road closures-is there a name for the marathon? I will do a quick search.
  9. My daughter and I will be making the early morning trek again this year, in the hopes of making the welcome dinner. We live in Montgomery but willing to meet anywhere along the way with like-minded individuals. PM or post me to coordinate. I am start