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MOTD 2013 DCMM Shirts!

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Orders are now closed!


It's time to order your DCMM MOTD shirts!




This year we are offering two colors, dark blue and dark green. All of the shirt options are available in both colors.




  • Mens short sleeve crew neck... $17.00 (S-XL)... $19.00 (XXL)... $20.00 (XXXL)
  • Mens long sleeve t-shirt... $21.50 (S-XL)... $23.50 (XXL)... $24.50 (XXXL)
  • Ladies Crewneck short sleeve t-shirt...$17.00 (S-XL)... $19.00 (XXL)
  • Ladies Crewneck long sleeve t-shirt...$21.50 (S-XL)... $23.50 (XXL)
  • Ladies V-Neck Tee... $20.50 (S-XL)... $22.50 (XXL)


How to order:

Send me (GreenCactus) a PM with the following information:



  • Subject line of PM should be: MOTD 2013 Shirt Order
  • Color, style and size
  • Pick up or ship
  • Email address to send Paypal invoice to


Deadline: Orders and payment must be received by March 15, 2013.


Payment: You will receive a Paypal invoice for your order. Please double check to make sure your order is correct. You are not required to pay via Paypal, but you need to let me know. Also, you don't need to have a Paypal account to pay the invoice. You MUST pre-pay for your shirt(s) by March 15, 2013.


Pickup/Shipping: Shirts will be distributed the weekend of April 20th. You may arrange to pick them up from me that weekend or the following week. If you would prefer to have them shipped to you, it will be $3 per shirt. I will not be taking the unclaimed shirts to MOTD this year. They need to be picked up BEFORE April 27, 2013.


*Past purchasers may notice a price increase. This is due to our costs going up and is unfortunately beyond our control.


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Is there a way to get a bigger picture? I can't zoom in to see the design.
There is a larger photo posted in her gallery :rock:
Here you go - the larger version, embedded directly here:




how come theres no classic clubbies????
Geeze Celia... there's only so much room on the shirt. It's amazing that there's already the variety that's there.


It's already stressful enough for the volunteers who are putting this together to make it happen... without having to field complaints/gripes about what is wrong about it.


I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but your complaint struck a nerve. If you don't like the shirt, you don't have to buy one!

"Mr. OEM" - 05 JCW (TK, GPIC, SS, GPTA, R56 RSB, StBr, R56 BBK, GPWhls, SV, RS, R56 GSI, IES, StrWhl, GK, HG, LBIT) MCS, HB/HB, Packs: 1, 2, 3 & 4. LSD, Rear FL, LB/PB upholstery (inc. LB SB & HB), HB Int, Anth. HL, PDC, Nav. OEM: DPSM+Aux, SIRIUS, BT, RV Cam, Aux gauges, ILK, Alarm, AK, PFM, DL, SpLnk, CFD, CSL, BIW, R52 diag rods, EuroTL, EuroWT, EPS, EASM. AM: IanCullAUC, Intravee+KCA420i, SchrothR4, MM-STR.

License Plate: SUV2BIG MotoringID: CARVE129

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