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  1. PM coming shortly. EDIT: No it won't - mailbox is full. I deleted everything I have, it still says I'm full. Bah.
  2. Is the marketplace now - or has it always been - only read-only except for paying members? Since we've sold our MINIs, I let the membership lapse. However, We've got a MINI Fini spare tire attachment we're trying to sell. Thanks!
  3. I'll PM you a variation on that route.
  4. Could've swore I saw Cricket on Sycolin Road yesterday, heading toward Leesburg. Today, I (sadly) saw a 2nd Gen JCW Black/red, plate "MNI NJA", or rather the aftermath. Caught fire, completely destroyed
  5. carman63

    MINI on the Mack

    We have a room booked at the Best Western in St Ignace. Lave view. Not the cheapest hotel there, but decent. Giving up the room in case there's interest. PM me if interested.
  6. Correction: Odds n Ends and DCC are co-located. Odds n Ends still exists as a company
  7. To be fair, not even my shop knew there would be no painting until the part arrived. My guess is, they didn't know, either. Hopefully you found a solution that works for you. Good luck! Peace, Jim
  8. First of all, D&V is probably one of THE best body shops in the area, hands-down. Nobody will tell you they're cheap, because they're not. I have friends with high-end cars, not to mention well-trusted detailers, that only deal with D&V. That speaks volumes to me. If they want too much, in your opinion, go elsewhere. They're not the only game in town. Caliber Collision in Purcellville did mine, for less than my insurance deductible would have been. Take a photo of the specific piece that is broken and post it here. If it's the black shiny plastic bumper cover that your license plat
  9. Are you talking about the glossy black bumper cover? It's a $55 part and comes as you see it, no painting required. If a body shop replaces it, you're looking at a ~$200 bill (due to the labor). Ask me how I know -Jim
  10. 2015, 18 months old and will turn over 46K miles in the next day or 2.
  11. All I've done lately is put more and more miles on mine. Oh, and stretched its legs at VIR
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