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  1. Contact Detroit Tuned, they have plenty of parts available, I know, not local, but better than nothing. 586-792-6464 (MINI)
  2. I'm posting a link to this in Michigan MINI's Facebook.
  3. I have a friend in Michigan with two twin beds or a queen available in Fontana as well. If anyone is interested, I can provide contact info. He said he's flexible as to which bed he claims. He's a really nice guy and loves craft beer!
  4. Yay!!! I'm glad I could help
  5. Try Detroit Tuned for parts and PTUNING for labor. DT may be able to get you a cheaper part quote. Good luck buddy! Sorry Shadow is misbehaving.
  6. He's good people! I think you'll get it if he hasn't filled the spots
  7. Too bad MI doesn't make event shirts. And the club doesn't even do anything but cry about no one doing anything. I'm actually wearing a DC shirt as we speak and still have my window cling on Lucy.
  8. If anyone is still looking, our canadian celebrity Xiek has the bunk bedroom open in his cabin. If you're on Facebook and interested, message Jason Xiek Hurdle. I'm not sure what he's charging, but it sure sounds like it would be a more suitable than a bathtub
  9. SQUEEEEEEEEAL!!!!!! These are super cute. I absolutely adore the purple, I think it's nice to see these, well done ladies! I can't wait to get mine :rock:
  10. Hi friends. So the table is under DC Metro MINIs. I have it reserved for 15. IF you have an additional guest or have not updated your rsvp, please contact me immediately so I can add extra seating. They will be VERY busy because of a beer release. 703-725-9076, call or text.
  11. It wasn't ne, promise :rock::motor:
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