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Lt. Dan

What did you do to your Mini today?

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1 hour ago, wyretrip said:

Haha.. left the lady there! Looks great! Even better now that it is in the car!

Needed something to fill the blank space. I will redo it to fix it, if I decide to leave it. 

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On 2/17/2018 at 6:34 AM, 1975_mini said:

Very noce, so you did the “Jody mod” on your headlights. Was it fairly easy

Sorry... I saw the notification and forgot to come back to answer the question.  Yes... I did the Joey Mod front and back.  The front requires removal of the trim ring, removal of the whole headlight assembly, careful application of a heat gun and gentle prying (plus 4-5 clips) to remove the front lens, painting as you wish, reheating and smooshing it all back together again.  The rears need to be dremmeled (cut) apart to do the same thing, then lots of epoxy to reseal.

In the images, below, you can see 1)the rears where I cut around the sides and re-epoxied everything back together  2) the headlights w/ a screwdriver pointing to the clips you have to mind carefully 3) Installed headlights after the mod  4) a before and after pic of sanding/polishing out the headlight lenses  5) A tail-light pic with a a new lens in the front, a Joey modded lens in the middle and one of the old lenses (UV stained/hazed) in the back 6) the rear end w/ the joey modded tail lights installed.








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