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  1. Ali and I are leaving the house now! C u soon!
  2. I'm definitely coming, although it looks like the other Mark is not coming. Trying to get Ali to come out as well. Plan on bringing some fresh sauerkraut for the brats. May try to bring some other veggies as well. Will probably be there around dinner time. Thanks for hosting!
  3. I just sent my payment. Now time to race!
  4. Actually, I'll have to wait until early next week to paypal the money, but it's coming...
  5. Definitely coming. I'll let you know once I send payment tomorrow. Thanks for organizing, Tyler!
  6. I thought I was taking it easy this morning... ;-)
  7. It looks like for MINI drivers we have Mark Drew Alex (Mini in Black) Sherm (Sbnimble) Beau Jepson Hopefully a few more!
  8. I'll be there! It's time to get some Karting in before the weather gets too cold!
  9. I can definitely give you a ride tomorrow. Rest up for paddle boarding!
  10. Sounds good, Lona. Bring your swim suit. It's lots of fun and it's not that hard...
  11. So, Ray, NYRican MC40, and I have been tossing around the idea of going Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) this summer and thought Labor Day would be the perfect opportunity before the weather starts to cool. A good, relatively inexpensive, place to rent a board is at Pohick Bay regional park, so we're going with that. Pohick Bay Regional Park Boat Rental 6501 Pohick Bay Dr Lorton, VA 22079 http://www.nvrpa.org/park/pohick_bay/content/boating It looks like the boat rental opens at 10, so we'll plan to be there at 10 to beat the "crowds", and the heat. Hopefully we can get some
  12. Sprint sounds like more fun to me!:motor:
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