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This year I signed up for one run, plus Craig and I lead the photography run on Thursday morning.  Besides the DCMM run on Saturday hoping I can grab people on other days for doing our own thing. I want to go on small adventures.

This year I'm not in the mood for a bunch of big organized runs




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Tigger 2006 the cabrio and Riversong the 2014 Countryman


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5 hours ago, TGGRRR (Ali) said:

I know a guy in Fairfax if you want to fix it before you leave.


Randy at Detail Authority

I'm pretty much out of free time before the dragon and I don't mind having them work it while I am there. It isn't super noticeable unless you are used to how the car is supposed to look. 😉

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I really need to set aside some time to plan and pack. I have had none, every time I think I can something comes up (work, job interviews, etc...) his getting out of the military is way to much work.


1975 Mini 1000, 998cc A+ w/ K&N air filter, 10" Mamba wheels

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