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NYRican MC40

Tint Party 2017

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June 4th


At my house where we have a garage


12266 Scotts Mill Dr.

Bristow, VA 20136


We can fire up the grill if people want to bring stuff to eat. (I will have burgers and hot dogs)


Prices for MINIs are as follows


2 windows $75 (45 minutes)

2 door cars $130 (1 hourish)

4 door cars $160 (1 hour - 1 hour and a half)

Windshield strips (15 minutes)

$25 with the car/ $50 on its own

Ceramic tint + $40

lifetime warranty on film


9:00 am Krystal

10:30 am Melissa

12:00 pm Corine

1:30 pm Devin

3:00 pm Brandy


For non MINIs or odd requests call Wardel directly at 571-251-5735 he will give you pricing and also ask him for timing so that I set up the slots right.


Please reply or comment with the time slot that you want and what you're doing, type of MINI etc.

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Okay, Max of five cars for the day.


First slot is at 9:00 am and it seems up till now that there are three countryman's, one four door hard top and one two door hard top.


I will set the increments at 1 1/2 hours but it might be less than that

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I will check with him what's the earliest and latest. but right now you have first dibs:biggrin:


Krystal needs the earliest, so give her 9 and I'll take 10:30 :top:


35% all the way around, ceramic

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I need a hatch window tinted, but if there isn't enough time I'll just come hang out anyways!


Wardel is not only good but pretty quick. I would not be surprised if he could squeeze in your rear glass somewhere during the day.

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Can I have my windshield (strips) done please? Around noon. The rest of the mini was done by Wardel (great job). Thanks.


Just in case the slots are full, but like Corey said he probably won't have a problem doing a small job in between full cars, and I set up 1 1/2 hours and some cars might not take that long. When he comes in on Sunday I will ask him and let you know

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Too late to get in for a windshield strip install?? I don't know how I missed this thread!


I can do whatever slot would work best, 2006 R53.


I will check with Wardell when he comes in. He said a max of 5 cars, but might take a windshield strip. I will post later. In any case you are welcome to swing by and see if a spot comes up between full cars :)

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tattrat, Lt. Dan, Salmi, spoke with Wardell and he said to come by he will be ok doing the windshield strip and back window. But you might have to wait in between cars or at the end of the day.



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