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  1. Heads up, the start is in Leesburg, not at Katie's (which is still closed due to covid). Last 2 weekends have been a pretty good turnout at the Leesburg C&C. Weather looks like it might be rain on sunday, so it's unclear how good the turnout will be. As for the scavenger hunt, any more details that can be shared? What's the lunch plan?
  2. Great! See everyone on Sunday
  3. Is the run still a go with rain?
  4. Remind me, what radio channel do you guys run? Santa apparently thought I was good last year So far Sunday's weather is looking good.
  5. Got it. Thanks! 4 spots left.
  6. Am I on the RSVP yes list?
  7. We will be there. Any changes or updates to the locations?
  8. Looks great. Love the black rims. But I might be biased because your MINI is my smaller twin
  9. Great pictures TATTRAT, love the drone shots !! Lets see if I can figure out how to add a couple pictures.
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