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  1. Agree, It was a great day. Editing photos now, should have them on facebook tonight or tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for getting this event setup.
  2. Thanks for the details. Can’t wait to see everyone Sunday.
  3. Sure I would like a shirt
  4. We will be there. Driver plus one passenger
  5. We now have Tiles on all keys for just this reason.... Stupid keys are $$$
  6. Also apparently on the F5# series only FOBs from the factory will work. I had lost one of mine and was quoted about the same $500, but I got lucky and my key was found. Good luck!
  7. I didn't change rear control arms, and never had tire wear issues with those springs. So you should be good there with the stock ones, at least on the street.
  8. I had them professionally done. But I am about to do coilovers on my new BMW. The problem with the MINI is there aren't a lot of guides out there that show off the whole process. For the BMW there are tons of videos on youtube about how to do it. Double check your OEM shocks for any signs of leaks. The rears failed me at about 45k miles, which is why I jumped to the coilovers.
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