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  1. Thanks everyone. If anyone else wants to tag along for the HSB run, there might be a couple extra open spots Check the member's calendar for details.
  2. Aftermarket rims with snow tires for F series MINI Coopers. I had these on my 2016 MINI Cooper s 4-door. Rims are painted black with Plastic Dip. Tires are Continental Viking Contact winter tire, 205/45 R17 Date code: 0319 (Jan 2019) $500 obo (I will make a killer deal for anyone on DCMM)
  3. @STXMINI New GPX file attached. NewYearsDayRun2023.gpx
  4. Try this link: New years day route I am going turn by turn to re-check it now.
  5. Checking now.... Yup something went wrong with the link, looking at it again.
  6. @STXMINI Great photos Camera car photos have been added to the album:
  7. twakefield


    From the album: MTTB #12

  8. twakefield


    From the album: MTTB #12

  9. twakefield


    From the album: MTTB #12

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