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  1. Today’s spotlight prize was donated by Moss Motors. Does is sound like a bowling alley in your boot when you attack the curves, then this is the perfect prize for you. A Moss Boot organizer that keeps all you items in place and folds flat when not in use. Moss Motors' commitment to their customers and their cars runs deep. They make substantial investments into quality and support for the parts they provide. With their east coast facility locate in Virginia, they are members of our community that you can trust. Be sure to check out their products at www.mossmotors.com
  2. MTTB 11 SPONOR SPOTLIGHT: WE have another amazing sponsor to announce @tpepinphotos Ever wonder how they get those crystal clear action photos for car ads, the answer is rig shoots. T. Pepin Photos specializes in these and has donated a shoot for the raffle. Get an amazing image of your MINI that would make the MINI marketing department jealous. Check out his work on Instagram at the link above and at www.tpepinphotos.com
  3. Today's spotlight prize was donated by GTPeace. They have kindly donated several $25 gift certificates that can be applied to any service. These guys have supported MTTB for several years and really took care of us this year, keep an eye out in the coming days for even bigger prizes from GTPeace. GTPeace has quickly become the go to shop for many of our club members. Do not be mistaken they are much more than a tuner shop; they are a full service "one stop" shop. Whether you are turning your MINI into a track beast, trying to improve the performance of your daily, or your manufacturer's warranty has expired and you want to maintain your MINI without remortgaging your home. GTPeace has the knowledge and expertise, to handle all your needs.
  4. Well good new I was able to get that photo of the new intercooler so folks can see the difference. Bad news it was because I was rushing Saturday night and forgot to put the brake duct connectors so off with the bumper again. practice makes perfect.
  5. I have to look into what tunes GTPeace works with Mario loads RPM, Detroit Tuned has recently become the second RPM vendor in the US. Right now leaning towards have Chad (Detroit Tuned) load a stage 1 at the dragon.
  6. Right now it just lets it breath better, get the biggest restriction out of the line. I'll give you an update from the butt dyno after a few weeks. Getting all the pieces in place for a tune, nothing crazy just a stage one at the moment (it is an N14 and I want to keep the parts in the motor). I'll consider a down pipe down the road, but emission testing means making sure I do plenty of research and do things right to prevent codes. As for flames I would need to mount a 50lbs wing with sheet metal screws first to unlock all the power of BBQ mode.
  7. MINIs Take The Beltway is always a great time to catch up with fellow MINIacs and win some great prizes. We want to take a moment to share some of the testimonials of Veterans that have been help by @operation_second_chance with your donations. Please consider joining us again this year 10 Nov 2019.
  8. Had some free time this afternoon, and decided to swap in the new helix intercooler. It took about 3 hours, used only hand tools (really need to invest in a Milwaukee 3/8” power ratchet) and went pretty smooth. It does require taking off the front bumper and crash bar. You can see how small the OEM one in the photo below is compared to the helix in the previous post. I forgot to take a photo of the helix install before reinstalling the bumper, but you can see it fills the entire lower grille.
  9. until
    It is time for the MINI of Alexandria Halloween Costume Contest! Dress your MINI up to be judged for prizes from MINI of Alexandria!
  10. Event Title: PMoA Halloween Costume Contest Event Date: 10/19/2019 10:00 AM to 10/19/2019 11:30 AM Event Address: RSVP on the event here: PMoA Halloween Costume Contest It is time for the MINI of Alexandria Halloween Costume Contest! Dress your MINI up to be judged for prizes from MINI of Alexandria! RSVP on the event here: PMoA Halloween Costume Contest
  11. Had a package fromDetroit tuned waiting for me when I got home today. Roxy is getting a nice little upgrade
  12. There is the dealers, MINI of Baltimore County and MINI of Annapolis would be the closest to you. Quick check is to check the coolant tank, if you don't see blue liquid you need coolant, you can add some to get you where you need to be. Some common cause is a failing thermostat housing, they begin leaking and next thing you are out of coolant.
  13. Are you looking for a design on the or just replacements, they are easy to paint(base, clear, and sandpaper comes to like $20) or there are plenty in the junkyards. As for peeling the old, if they a dry rotted it just going to suck no way around it. Hopefully to can get a hot day to soften the glue, but just a lot of picking. I have seen rubber sticker remover wheel you can buy for a drill, but I have not personally tried one yet.
  14. Sunrise valley Dr, right near Reston town center
  15. Count me in, it's only like 6 miles from the office
  16. Thanks, it was on my list to ask you to shift the short URL over
  17. morris, so with external door hinges mark I style? When you say black/dark brown was it like a root beer color.
  18. They pop up on Craigslist from time to time. https://newjersey.craigslist.org/pts/d/ridgewood-thule-aero-blade-roof-racks/6909014411.html
  19. When I took them off they had been on for 5 years and little to no ghosting on the black. The red roof had a little.
  20. Can you post a photo of them, close up so we can see how weathered they are? Where abouts are you located?
  21. My second day of work and my first DCMM encounter. Heading home on the Dulles toll road, I found @FAST060 !!
  22. Value the space in my garage more than these tires. Free to anyone that wants them.
  23. PTuning is another shop several members use. It is located in Manassas
  24. Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for some fun roads. Don't forget your radios if you got them. See everyone at noon.
  25. Sorry just saw I top off Brandy’s with Castrol edge 5w30
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