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    From the album: Me!

  2. This is what I found --> http://www.atlantaminis.net/2012/01/15/2012-february-helenblitz/ http://www.facebook.com/events/203602723065008/ (Facebook Event Page) What: Helenblitz 2012 – Sponsored by the Mini Motoring Club of the Carolinas (M2C2) Where: Helen, GA: A Georgia mountain town with a touch of Bavaria http://www.helenga.org/ When: 17-19 February 2012 Host Hotel: HelenDorf – 33 Munich Strasse, Helen, GA Please join AtlantaMINIS as we join the event organizers for this Charity event, come up for the day or the weekend and enjoy a fantastic area for MINI driving, German food and beer, and MINI companionship with other great MINI clubs.
  3. What does the event consist of? When? Where?
  4. I'm going this year (first timer)! I plan to arrive Wed (may Thurs) and stay through Sun. I'm staying in a shared cabin with other MA forum members. Oh well, it's only to sleep. I've signed up for DCMM Dry Falls/Bridal Veil Falls Run (volunteering too).
  5. ORazor, do you work at the Pentagon? There's at least a couple of us DCMM'ers there.
  6. Good call. I might not make it to the M&G at PMOA since I'm in Biology until at least 1pm (class is scheduled through 1:40, but he plans to let us out by 1pm whenever possible). If you're all up for lunch or hanging out after (like last time), I'll join you and you can fill me in.
  7. So dumb question time, does this mean those of us with MINIs that fit that category should go to the dealership? or wait for the BMW notification?
  8. Yippie! I'm going and signed up. If there's anythign I can do as a volunteer role and need to relinquish my spot on the registration, please let me know!
  9. Greetings MINIacs! This is my first year going to the dragon so I'm late on the power curve for finding lodging. Good news is I got a call from the Historic Topoco Lodge this weekend and reserved one of their brand new (construction finishes this week) suites (it's the Calderwood Flat – not listed yet). The room has a hot tub and includes breakfast and five course dinners during the stay for $269/night. The problem is it’s out of my budget. I’m in the search for something more economical, which means if I do I can transfer my reservation to someone else. For anyone else in the same situation, I’ve found a cabin that is 30 minutes from Fontana Village (approx. 5 minutes further than Microtel based on Google Maps). This cabin can accommodate 14 people (possible more with air mattresses and couch crashers). The price for Wed – Sun reservation is $1781.00. That would end up being ~$127/person (not per night! oops) . I’ve attached a few photos, but here’s the description. Please PM if you're intersted (also posted on MA). Brand New home in 2008. This home has all the amenities, appliance, and comfort one would expect in a modern well appointed home. Professionally decorated with attention to the small details, with the functionality of a mountain lodge. Post and beam construction with cathedral ceilings gives this home the warmth of a Western Canada hunting lodge. The great room features a 25' tall grand fireplace, cathedral ceiling with a walk around balcony overlooking great room. Massive picture windows overlook the mountains. Outside, over 1500 sf of decks and balconies overlook the mountains in all directions. Perfect mountaintop views of the Great Smokey National Park and Clingman's Dome (hightest point in Eastern US). At night the decks offer a stunning star studded panorama, or place to relax in the jacuzzi, under the stars. Home features master bedroom with queen bed, reading chair, private bath with oversize soaking tub, shower, and full cedar walk in closet. Second bedroom has a queen bed. Third bedroom has a queen bed. Loft- two queen beds, full bathroom, fireplace, sitting room, and two upper balcony decks. 5th bedroom sleeps 3 on a double futon bunk bed. Basement has pool and ping/pong. (This is a non smoking home, no pets, allergen free home) Features: Jacuzzi, Pool Table, Ping Pong Table, Indoor Fireplace, Outside firepit, and more!
  10. So having never been to a MOTD yet, is it just a bragging rights thing to be one of 1st to register or does it sell out and people end up on the waiting list? I don't even have lodging yet since I don't know if I'd go solo, let alone if I'd be coming up from FL or coming down from VA. All I know is I don't want to miss this. I have no problem with camping to keeping an eye out for lodging when someone can't go, but committing now to the trip financially is not a top priority.
  11. Been out of town, are these still available?
  12. I say the back of the room. It has more character and is closer to the bar... coming from the gal who only drinks mimosas! :-)
  13. Tried attaching as a .pdf but it was too big. PM me with your email and I'll send the .pdf if you're interested.
  14. Couple of articles from Popular Mechanics Magazine.
  15. This is a pretty decent size group... anyone interested in doing a white elephant gift exchange? Rules of the White Elephant Gift Exchange: 1. Bring along a wrapped gift. (Spend no more than $20) 2. Be secretive about your gift. The idea is for people to not know who the gift is coming from. 3. We all will draw a number, and beginning with #1, choose and open a gift. 4. The next person will make a choice of whether to open a gift or to "steal" an already opened gift. If they steal a gift, the person with the stolen gift has an option of stealing from someone else, or opening a new gift. 5. A gift can only be stolen 3 times. 6. Go to the next person in order and repeat. The exchange continues until every gift has been opened and the last person keeps their gift.
  16. Can anyone recommend break pads? Can I buy them at Advance Auto or elsewhere cheaper than the dealership? My dad and brother think they can do it themselves, anyone suggest that they not DIY? I got the warning this am that they are worn to the minimum.
  17. Oh man, I better watch out the next time I go for a pedicure and try to leave in my flip flops! Good to know.
  18. She's super cute! Welcome Maddie!
  19. I plan on going after work! Lola really needs a tire rotation badly.
  20. I bought a deal for ParkClean through Groupon or LivingSocial (Can't remember) and my experience was great. I have also experienced that if I was dissatisfied with the service provided or lack there of, Groupon/LS was willing to refund my money. That's why I'm not affraid to take the gamble on the good deal. Not every company is right for these deals, but I find them to be the exemption, not the rule.
  21. Sherm, you changed your username... SbNimble SbQuick! Good running into you today!
  22. I picked her up tonight at 8pm! She sounds good but I haven't really had a chance to check her out. See you all at MoS on Sat!
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