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  1. +1 on Mach V, and not just for oil changes. These guys are great! :top:
  2. Christine (CCC777) just had that experience, but I believe she was covered under warranty, including rollback transportation and a loaner by PMoA. A new thermostat with gasket should run under $45... couldn't find just the gasket price. I would imagine labor should be under an hour, and there might be a charge for coolant. Hope this helps. Here's a link to find parts: online BMW & MINI parts
  3. How many miles on your car so far? Have you tried experimenting with tire pressures yet? I wonder if lowering the tire pressures one or two pounds in the rear tires might help a bit? Lots of differing views on runflats, but pretty much everyone agrees that their ride can be harsh. I switched over to Goodyear F1 GS/D3s and got a little softer ride, but not a quantum difference. Added a 19mm rear H&R sway bar and it definitely improved cornering. There's still some hop over the joints, but it's not as bad. Hope this helps!
  4. That's a tough one. FRS/GMRS radios are not known for their outstanding transmission/reception abilities, and their range is usually significantly less than advertised. I've tried two sets, and the one that seems to work the best for me is from Motorola. I bought THESE, because they had the highest rating for range and power, and also the longest antenna. My advice is to buy the most expensive set of these things you can afford, and look for the highest range and power, and the longest antenna you can find. There's a good chance you'll still be disappointed, but probably less so than with a cheaper set of radios. Sorry to sound so negative, but I've worked with radios for many years, and to have to settle for units that are so underpowered and unclear is really frustrating. I'm sure other folks have some input... :vroom:
  5. One for the run, and one for lunch. Can't wait! :motor:
  6. As a comparison, at MoA the filter is $9.96 and the MINI oil is $6.20/qt. Everything for a complete oil change out the door with tax is just $43.42, and that's without a discount. If you're buying mail order, don't forget to include the cost of shipping. Sometimes it's cheaper to support our local dealers. Just my two cents. :stupid: And as Maxi and others have said, Jeff is totally great! I've seen him go way out of his way to help out club members on several occasions, and there's no better person to have working on your behalf!
  7. For an R56 you'll need a 27mm socket to unscrew the oil filter cover. If you loosen the cover just until it's finger tight and leave it that way for a minute or two, the oil inside can drain back into the engine and it won't drip when you remove it. As far as getting the oil out of the engine, I use an Oil Sump Pump from West Marine. Works like a charm, doesn't spill a single drop, and has a nifty pour spout to get the used oil out. I'll never use the drain plug again. :top:
  8. Great video, and funny to the max! Let's do the run again soon :top:
  9. What I started :questionmark: I think the OP, richs10, might have made the first reference :stupid: I just wanted to inject an opportunity for our members to explore and appreciate the possibilities... I LOVE hot tubs! :top: Didn't mean to hijack the thread though... sorry :embarassed:
  10. Mr. Ed

    Scoops & Coops

    Great gathering, as always! And super pictures! I especially love the bridge!
  11. I have a new set of the GS/D3s and sadly, they are now made in China (no more German Goodyears). In and of itself, that might not make them bad tires, but I also have a reasonably new set of the same model tires that were made in Germany. My set of Chinese tires will not hold a balance for more than 100 miles of highway driving (absolutely no potholes/curbs/bumps) and they just don't seem as sticky on a dry road as the German ones. To be fair, the Germans are on the OEM rims (205/50x16) and the Chinese are on 17" Rotas (225/45x17). I had expected the 17s to stick better than the 16s, but they don't seem to. Haven't had the chance to get them on a track with a stopwatch to compare, so this is a seat of the pants comparison, and your experience might be better. I would recommend AGAINST the Chinese Goodyears until somebody has a favorable experience with them. Just my two cents. Edit: Tire Rack is right on about the wet traction... these tires RULE in the rain!
  12. Darn it! :banghead: I'm wondering if you opted for Edge's recommended diamond coating stuff? And if so, if it helped? As far as trucks being legally required to inspect themselves for loose debris, I don't know. But they ARE most certainly liable for EVERYTHING that falls off their vehicles (actually, we all are). All you need is their license number to report them. I've called the companies that owned the trucks on two occasions over the past few decades, and both times got them to replace my broken windshield as long as I didn't report them to the police. Seemed like they figured it was better to settle than to fight it. Good luck, and maybe find a different route to drive? :motor:
  13. If it were a Tesla, I bet we wouldn't have heard it coming or going. Sure wish someone in the club would buy one, though, so we could beg rides in it!
  14. +2! to the above posts! Great to see everyone who made it out for the terrific gathering... perfect spot on the water, nice breeze all day, super food and friends. Let's do it again next year! :top:
  15. Thanks for the info! Great advice about keeping on top of oil changes and levels. So sorry to hear that you were abandoned by MINI in your quest for reimbursement, but great news that you found an engine for a better price! :top:
  16. If it's not too painful, would you consider sharing your story with the group so we might learn from your experiences? :itsme: We have a lot of new members, and probably some of them are new to MINIs. Many of us try to help each other avoid problems and enjoy our MINIs, and we can often learn from the good as well as the not so good experiences of others. Thanks in advance, and best of luck with the engine transplant! Please keep us posted on your progress, and let us know if we can help or offer moral support. P.S. Welcome to the club!
  17. Don't forget to RSVP in the header section to be sure you're counted!
  18. You're welcome to use mine!
  19. Since it's on the water, can we bring water toys, like kayaks?
  20. I have a quote from MoA (in my hands) from last August for a new windshield and the trim (parts only, no labor)... 51 31 2 753 978 . Windshield . $333.15 51 31 7 155 304 ...... Cover ...... 41.13 BTW, these prices did not reflect any club discount. I believe the parts guy said they used Safelite for the installation, and they did the work on site at MoA by appointment. You might want to give MoA a call. Paying $700 for labor seems ridiculous. $1,100 for the entire job seems like highway robbery. Good luck! BTW, I LOVE your new JCW suspension! Cricket looks terrific! :top:
  21. Welcome aboard! You've been a passenger for long enough... now it's time for some time behind the wheel of your own MINI! BTW, your car sounds sweet... can't wait to see it in person!
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