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  1. Yes, now have a GTI. The Mini was almost too fast. I was going to get into trouble! Actually, I needed 4 doors and some more cargo room. I was sick of all the rattles and noises. Was a fun trip though. No regrets.
  2. New full set for a 09 MCS. Lower dust, better modulation. $350 new, for sale for $100.
  3. I still have the tires/wheels/TPS. Ready to make your ride better and handling safer. 205/55/16 RE 960's. One size up from stock. Perfect INHO. I also have the coca-mats , seat covers and Carbotech brake pads. In Bowie. Believe it or not, you can put 4 wheels in a Mini. I forget to check the BBS. Sorry to answer late.
  4. Thanks, you that's it. Easier to clean than the open star! Wheels, Factory TPS, tires. Great value. Like buying 4 TBS and getting wheels and tires free. I took a picture, so PM an e-mail address and I will send it.
  5. Note that Hzblur has already spoken for the deck. It was very easy to make using my method.
  6. Well, it looks like a carpet covered piece of plywood. A picture would look black. It has a bolt eye where the spare tie down hooks in. I used bronze colored furniture bolts to bolt it down. The spare I mounted behind the driver, so I made about a 10 x 14 flush hatch on the passenger side to access under the seat for storage. A big block of foam keeps things from sliding under the tire side. I tie-wrapped the seat belt buckles under the deck to keep them from rattling. Center buckles unbolt of course.
  7. I'll have to take some specifically, I think they are R94. I'll do that this weekend. I ran 960's on several cars. By far the best overall rational tire I ever had. PM me you e-mail and I'll take some pix and e-mail it to you.
  8. Just PM me your address. I'll just sent it.
  9. I have for sale: Set of 205-55 16 RE 960's on 7 spoke OEM wheels with TBS, only about 15K on them. Much easier to clean than the stars! $400 New set of carbotech pads. Far better control than stock or HPC. $200 Lightly used coca mats, moss seat covers in black/tan cheap. Rear seat delete carpeted with storage bin and spare hold down. Cheap One of those little fernell lenses to let you see traffic lights. Whoever. Set of almost new stock S shocks. Come and get them. My GTI gets here Monday. 4 doors. Rear seat. Cargo space.
  10. I am super happy with my RE960 standard all seasons. I carried a run flat as a spare. They are 205's rather than the 195. 16". Rational real street tires. OK, not as quick as summer gumballs, but still safe in the wet. I will be selling mine as I am about to trade my car in on a GTI and put the runflats back on. On 5 spoke OEM wheels with sensors of course.
  11. I'll try. Planning on hitting "the pound" first.
  12. Only places that charge way too much. :hahaha: 5 quarts of Amzoil, and filters bought at the dealer with our discount. About ten minutes of my time. under $60 and I don't need an appointment for my driveway.
  13. I do not understand Mini owners looking to make very simple things complicated. ANY gas station can change the oil. Take them the filter ( you bought from the dealer with the club discount), and your favorite top quality synthetic oil. "I don't always use synthetics, but when I do, I prefer Amzoil."
  14. RE960's are still about the king of all-season. The softer sidewalls are a big change after you get used to the run-flats though. Watch the weight of after-market wheels. Some are terrible. I would stick with the Enki, Oz, or similar reputable lines.
  15. I put on RE 960's this week. 205-55-16. Much Quieter, less harsh, but a really big change is steering response. I have to re-learn the car. After it does change direction, they have a lot more grip than the Conti's. It is just that a corner is now a two step process. This is not a fault, but a return to normal. I ran them on my RSX and was very pleased for Maryland weather as well as sporty driving. Note I put on Bilstein's already so there was no change in the bouncyness over bumps. It was already cured.
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