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  1. Thanks, Katie for the crumb cake and juice! Wonderful treats.
  2. I'll stop by if I can get out of work early :wavey:
  3. I have used a company called 'Front Guard' for previous cars (not my MINI... I was too cheap this time), and their work is great. Annapolis Subaru and some of the high end dealers in town use them for their pre-delivery installations, and I heartily endorse their work. My Subaru Outback was about $1k for the job. Front Guard Ed
  4. Yep... terrific time! Wonderful food, good music and great people. Definitely worth the trip to Rockville. Let's do it again soon! :eating:
  5. Schedule just cleared up... please count me in if it's not too late! :ciao:
  6. <edit> ARGH! I just found out that I can't go, and I'm seriously vexed. I was really looking forward to going. Maybe next year.
  7. Okay... thanks anyway! I've been after one of these things for over a year, and the answer from Schroth is always the same... 'We're working on it'. ARGH! :dontknow:
  8. Will this fit my '07 R56? if so, I'm interested!
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