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Memorial Day/Yellow Ribbon Run

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Memorial Day weekend run

Sunday May 29

Meet at the Wegmans in Sterling, wheels roll by 10:00 a.m.


Wegmans Address:

45131 Columbia Pl

Sterling, VA 20166


We are making changes to this run!


This event will go - rain or shine.


We have decided to make this event a "Yellow Ribbon Run" because the yellow ribbon is recognized a having several meanings, two of which are important to our club at this time. The yellow ribbon will be displayed to "Support Our Troops" to remember and honor the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our country. The yellow ribbon is also the symbol of the Suicide Awareness campaign and we'll display it to remember and pay our respects to our friend, Jaysen "JustJAY" Kim.


Celia Seminario has graciously offered to provide yellow vinyl ribbons that you can place on your car for this run.


Mike and Hannah Syfritt of Aesthetic Creations, friends of JustJAY have also provided a bunch of oversized yellow vinyl ribbons for this event as well.


This is not a charity run, you won't be asked for donations and none will be accepted, it's a run to remember and a run to have fun.




We have a route laid out for this run that will take us through some scenic areas, we'll hit some twisties and we'll pass through several areas of historic significance in our nations history. Route sheets will be handed out at Wegmans and we'll have a short meeting for drivers, navigators and passengers before we roll.


Due to the cost of the Bavarian Inn and the desire to keep the group together, the lunch plan has changed. Lunch will be a "Boots and Bonnets" feast that meets the dietary, nutritional and financial needs of everyone involved. Since I created this term on the fly - it does mean "bring what you want" and we'll also be stopping at a grocery store/deli along the route.


A couple of things to remember please:

Headlights or Daytime Running lights on.

Rear Fogs off

Radios will be on 7/21


Questions? Please send email/PM's to Tggrr or cmcveay

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I'll see if Jennifer wants to come along (and, as a driver or passenger). We might try to catch you along the way, vice driving to Wegmans just to drive past/near our house on the route :biggrin:


Of course, if you need a sweeper or want to break the drive into 2 groups, I'm okay with starting at Wegmans.

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http://www.google.com/search?q=food+in+shepherdstown+west+virginia&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a :tongue:


The only place I've been is Bavarian Inn. On Sunday's it's brunch, and not cheap.


I have a friend that lives (literally) next door to Bavarian Inn, I'll get input from her for food stops.

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Quoting from my friend (several chat messages pasted together):


"Most of the restaurants in The Shep are pretty small. Parking is all on the street, but that's not usually a problem.


Best bet for a nice, casual lunch would be Mellow Moods. It's kind of a veg-head place, but the food is AMAZING. Great sandwiches, juices, and the like.


Maria's Taqueria has fantastic tacos and such, but you'd have to get your stuff to go, because it's teeny-tiny.


...the Farmers Market runs from 9-1, and it's always got great stuff. Ummm ... hmm. Kazu can accommodate that many people easily. It's Thai/Japanese (great Udon soup).


Press Room is great, but too fancy. Same for Yellow Brick Bank.


Stone Soup is also terrific, but it's on the small side. If it's a really nice, sunny day, it might be hard to find a place with seating for that many (unless you get reservations first). [i asked for places that could accommodate 10-12 folks w/10-12 MINIs]

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I realized that right after I hit "send". LOL... You know, this might be a good time (when we stop for lumch) to try out those new bug repellant gadgets that you hang on your belt that I've seen advertised. I'm wondering if they really work!


If they do, then maybe I'll put one on the front bumper too! :)

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I am doing the whole run but will be skipping lunch at The Bavarian Inn.


I plan on finding a cheaper place to eat since the Inn is kinda expensive on my budget :biggrin:


Lots of places in town. If you need some recommendations I can pass along a list.

Also - a British Pub! :wink:

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Okay, I'll admit it, the Bavarian Inn isn't the cheapest place to stop for lunch but we had to take a couple of things into consideration. First was - big enough to give us parking and then we had to consider the food itself. I'd even considered just hitting a grocery store with a deli for a quick sammich in the parking lot.


I can't make it back out there before the 22nd of May so here's a request for input from ANYONE that's more familiar with the area. What are some other options? I'd hate to have the group split up all over town so I'm open/receptive to suggestions. Please update your RSVP (or add one if you haven't already) and make a suggestion for lunch. I'll be honest with you in saying that a quick trip into a grocery/deli may not be such a bad idea.




2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon "Homer"

2012 MB/CR JCW R55 "Merlin" Sold

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You got my curiousity up so I need to ask, what is the "Boots and Bonnets" feast :questionmark:


Looking forward to the run in remembrace of our friend Jaysen Kim aka JustJay :smile:



Basically a picnic type of thing. We're going to find a sandwich place or grocery story to grab some food (you can bring your own) and then either eat in a park or all together amongst our cars in a parking lot. It's the last part of the run that we need to figure out



Tigger 2006 the cabrio and Riversong the 2014 Countryman


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There is a great chinese food place in Shepherdstown! And there is also a great cafe called Blue Moon that has a really nice patio if the weather is nice. I went to school out there so know a bunch of place in shep town and the road into town is really fun for the MINIs =)

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