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  1. Ok, thanks for info That's the $16 membership in store, correct. Thanks again
  2. Hi all, been a member for year or so. Never posted to marketplace. How do I do that? Just a few little things trying to clear out of garage. Thanks for your help. James/DBCOOPR
  3. Guys, got all my R52S engine back together and realized the guy I had help me with the timing chain replacement must have dropped chain and it slipped tooth/teeth. No matter how many revolutions I do on crank they are still off. Closest I can get them is 2 teeth skipped clockwise on crank and at that setting, Cam mark is 2 teeth counter clockwise I have timing cover and everything needed for "fixing" it accessible and ready. But after doing so much research online and talking to others, I don't know which is the correct way. I have a repair book and am very knowledgeable about vehicle rep
  4. I have an R52S is this something I should think about doing? DB has 113k Thanks, James
  5. DBCOOPR is getting ready to leave Baltimore to head up to meet you guys... we "should" meet you at lunch stop, at least that's my plan. BUT DOES ANYONE HAVE A CELL # I CAN GET JUST TO VERIFY WHEN WE GET Closer.??? We the rain Maryland drivers suck, concerned about held up in traffic. What frequency on radios??
  6. My daughter has softball practice that day, can we meet everyone at the "lunch stop"??
  7. Run amok, it shall be!!! Thanks for digging up the answer. Much appreciated!
  8. Quick question... I see we end up at a vineyard/winery. Dies that mean you have to be 21 to enter or just to partake in refreshments? My 11 yr old daughter usually comes with me on runs. Thanks
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