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  1. Okay, maybe I'm doing something wrong. When I click on the link to the donate page, which I assume is where I register for MTTB, it asks me to log in. But, my regular DC Metro login in doesn't work. Do I need to register there too or should I be looking elsewhere?
  2. We've done the last 7 M&M. It's a great time and run by great people. It's always one of my "Must Do" events.
  3. The biggest question I'd have concerns the stripes themselves. Are they factory stripes or aftermarket stripes. There is a major variance in the quality of vinyl. Cheaper vinyl can indeed fade within a year. We only use 3M or Universal vinyl here at the shop. Factory stripes, while I'm not a fan of the boring colors, do tend to hold up pretty well.
  4. If ya feel like a trip down to Hampton Roads, I've done several MINIs. Been applying graphics for most of my 30 years in the collision industry. Depends on what ya want, but do NOT pay $425 or whatever it was someone quoted! Lots and lots of profit in that price!
  5. Hope to see a bunch of my DC Metro MINI friends either at Crown for the drive over or at the vineyard itself for the Rally! Either way, drive safe!
  6. Laura, You Rock! Thanks for adding this. I was just talking to Ali about getting this added. Jacque at Cooper Vineyard has set up a pretty neat event I think. The band covers everything from classic rock to country to jazz. She promises a totally new shirt design this year and the food vendor is highly rated. Don't forget the "Spirited" drive over to the vineyard hosted by HR MINI. It's an hour and half drive of 45 +/- miles though some great scenery and decent twisties. This year we're starting at Crown MINI where they'll have coffee and snacks as well as restroom facilities. We'll be wheel up promptly at 9:30 AM. Make plans to join us for our drive at Crown MINI 8710 W Broad St Richmond, VA 23294 If you can't make the run over to the vineyard, just drive straight there for the festivities. The event kicks off at 12 noon till 5 pm.
  7. Get a simple click type torque wrench. Forget the fancy digital read outs and I'm personally not a fan of needle type. I've had my Craftsman click type since high school.
  8. We did MOT last year. I try to do one big event besides MOTD and Mickey & MINI's in Orlando. If you can possibly fit MOT into your schedule, DO IT! Besides hanging out with a load of cool MINI owners and having a good time, you'll see some of the prettiest scenery in the eastern US. I was entirely impressed with everything in NH. The roads, the mountains,the company, it was all great. I highly recommend it as an event. I'm headed to MINIs in the Ozark year, but I fully plan on hitting MOT in the future!
  9. Whatever color, whatever design, you can count put me down for one!
  10. Yep, Petersburg. This year they're working on doing a show?display for the MINIs. Not too sure how that's gonna work yet. Still in the planning stages I hear. They fed us last time and gave us a 10% discount and of course we saved of shipping. I think HR MINI totaled up what we all spent and it was like 4 grand worth of business! Mine was a big chunk of that. And I only had TWO MINIs then!
  11. We just did the LCA bushings on the daughters Cabrio. I bought the tool to press out and install the new bushings. Didn't take 30 minutes total to remove and install the bushings. Did take a bit longer to reinstall the left LCA for whatever reason. It just didn't wanna cooperate. Also bought new outer and one new inner ball joint. Others just in case of wear and inner due to thread gaulling upon removal. REALLY made a difference! I'll be doing powereflex bushings on the Clubamn and the sons 07 MCS as soon as possible! I can highly recommend replacing them. BTW, the daughters Cabrio only had 55K miles and the PF bushings made a massive difference.
  12. Last time I changed the one in the 09 Clubbie, I don't remember any type of fastener. Just remember unclipping the end. Really should have gone with the carbon filter. Will do for sure next time.
  13. Don't forget the spirited drive over to the vineyard leaving from Bruster's Ice cream at 9:30. Address is 9101 Staple Mills rd, Richmond, VA 23228. Drivers meeting is 9:00 AM
  14. Don't discount peer pressure. You can always make a post of NAM and Motoring Alliance about the problems you're having. I've seen the same thing work with Aesthetic Creations before. Normally, I'd say give him a chance, but you've gone way beyond at this point.
  15. Very nice. Being a dumb ass who is less sophisticated than his camera, I can tell you I'd be very happy to claim any of those shots as mine! Keep up the good work!
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