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Edge, you shoulda slept in it... :laugh:
HAH! Have you ever tried to do that? I've slept in the car before (driver's seat, leaned back). Miserable. But I know you were just joking around. :tongue:
early is on time, on time is late, late is Haemish haha. just jokin
Heh - no problem... my reputation is well deserved! :sleep:

"Mr. OEM" - 05 JCW (TK, GPIC, SS, GPTA, R56 RSB, StBr, R56 BBK, GPWhls, SV, RS, R56 GSI, IES, StrWhl, GK, HG, LBIT) MCS, HB/HB, Packs: 1, 2, 3 & 4. LSD, Rear FL, LB/PB upholstery (inc. LB SB & HB), HB Int, Anth. HL, PDC, Nav. OEM: DPSM+Aux, SIRIUS, BT, RV Cam, Aux gauges, ILK, Alarm, AK, PFM, DL, SpLnk, CFD, CSL, BIW, R52 diag rods, EuroTL, EuroWT, EPS, EASM. AM: IanCullAUC, Intravee+KCA420i, SchrothR4, MM-STR.

License Plate: SUV2BIG MotoringID: CARVE129

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Does anyone know if this app will take the inputs from the Kiwi WIFI device? It transmits your OBDII information via WiFi so, in theory, it would work the same. I've seen some of the autocross videos that have the course layout and the car info in the corner of the image.


Back to the original purpose of this thread... I'm attaching a couple of images. Still no time to work on them but I promise, I'm getting closer!


Paw Paw absolutely loves this pic of Merlin!


2009 MCS, HzB/B, CWP, PP, "BLUR" MOTORING ID: SOAR143 - MINI Community Service

2013 JCW GP, Thunder Grey, "SMOKIE" MOTORING ID: FAST060

2014 MCS Clubman, Highclass Gray, "THE ADMIRAL" 

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