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  1. VioletDC

    2005 PH MINI Part-Out

    Sean at GT Peace asked if I'd mention the PH MINI w/white mirror caps (I think I used to see it when I worked in Fairfax years ago). He has the details for those who may be interested. Shop: 703-956-6499
  2. VioletDC

    MINI Puddle Lights Giveaway

    I bought what I thought was a 'set' of the MINI puddle lights from ebay a few years ago. Well, the pkg. arrived (from China) with only one light (it's still around here somewhere). So, last week, I decided to look for them again and found them on Outmotoring.com. Totally forgetting they come as a set due to past experience, I ordered two (they arrived today). So, I figured I'd give the other set to a fellow MINIac who doesn't have them. First one who pings me and can meet me somewhere in VA (preferably near Herndon), gets them. All I ask is the lucky MINIac to pay it forward.
  3. Count me in! They've been my go-to shop for a little while now; great work!
  4. VioletDC

    MINIs Take the Beltway 8 Parade!

    If I don't have 2 work (4 a change), would be happy 2 join in on the fun!
  5. VioletDC

    Was it you???

    On the way home yesterday, I spotted a PH MCS on Rt. 7 before Leesburg!!! Honked & waved (excitedly) & got a spirited wave back! It's not often we run in2 PH MINIs!
  6. VioletDC

    Hello everyone! Thanks for having me.

    Welcome from me & Scoopie! :wavey: We haven't been able 2 attend any functions in quite awhile, but look 4ward 2 meeting u! BTW, what's your MINI's name?
  7. Does any1 know of a shop that does this 4 MINIs? Preferably in MD/VA? I believe Scoopie (10 yrs old!) needs 2 have it done ... reasonably priced, of course. TIA!
  8. VioletDC

    Kickn's photo thread

    Very nice pics! :top:
  9. VioletDC

    Was it you???

    Woo-hoo! Got an enthusiastic :wavey: & a big smile from a guy in a PW Coupe' this am on the Ffx Cnty Pky! Made my day!
  10. VioletDC

    Pixels at the Drive-In!

    Just got my RSVP in! Looking 4ward 2 this! Wooo-hooo!!!
  11. VioletDC

    Official Vendors

    FYI: The Detail Authority link takes u 2 Mach V's website.
  12. VioletDC

    New vendor Liberty Automotive

    Awesome! Thanks, Ali.
  13. VioletDC

    Hello from Glen Burnie

  14. VioletDC