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  1. VioletDC

    MINIs Take The Beltway (MTTB) 10 Lunch

    The pics are fantastic!
  2. VioletDC

    MINIs Take The Beltway (MTTB) 10 Lunch

    It was great seeing everyone today! I had so much fun! Looking forward to next year already! I'll be on the lookout for you in the wild.
  3. VioletDC

    Was it you???

    Awesome! Sorry I'm just now seeing this!
  4. VioletDC

    2005 PH MINI Part-Out

    Sean at GT Peace asked if I'd mention the PH MINI w/white mirror caps (I think I used to see it when I worked in Fairfax years ago). He has the details for those who may be interested. Shop: 703-956-6499
  5. VioletDC

    MINI Puddle Lights Giveaway

    I bought what I thought was a 'set' of the MINI puddle lights from ebay a few years ago. Well, the pkg. arrived (from China) with only one light (it's still around here somewhere). So, last week, I decided to look for them again and found them on Outmotoring.com. Totally forgetting they come as a set due to past experience, I ordered two (they arrived today). So, I figured I'd give the other set to a fellow MINIac who doesn't have them. First one who pings me and can meet me somewhere in VA (preferably near Herndon), gets them. All I ask is the lucky MINIac to pay it forward. ?
  6. Count me in! They've been my go-to shop for a little while now; great work!
  7. VioletDC

    MINIs Take the Beltway 8 Parade!

    If I don't have 2 work (4 a change), would be happy 2 join in on the fun!
  8. VioletDC

    Was it you???

    On the way home yesterday, I spotted a PH MCS on Rt. 7 before Leesburg!!! Honked & waved (excitedly) & got a spirited wave back! It's not often we run in2 PH MINIs!
  9. VioletDC

    Hello everyone! Thanks for having me.

    Welcome from me & Scoopie! :wavey: We haven't been able 2 attend any functions in quite awhile, but look 4ward 2 meeting u! BTW, what's your MINI's name?
  10. Does any1 know of a shop that does this 4 MINIs? Preferably in MD/VA? I believe Scoopie (10 yrs old!) needs 2 have it done ... reasonably priced, of course. TIA!
  11. VioletDC

    Kickn's photo thread

    Very nice pics! :top:
  12. VioletDC

    Was it you???

    Woo-hoo! Got an enthusiastic :wavey: & a big smile from a guy in a PW Coupe' this am on the Ffx Cnty Pky! Made my day!
  13. VioletDC

    Pixels at the Drive-In!

    Just got my RSVP in! Looking 4ward 2 this! Wooo-hooo!!!
  14. VioletDC

    Official Vendors

    FYI: The Detail Authority link takes u 2 Mach V's website.