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Get any mods

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Can you post a pic so I can see how it looks installed?
Ali - the MINI FINI Sport Link, which is the basis of all of the MINI FINI attachments, looks like a pair of machine guns out the back of the rear bumper. I'm sure you've seen them on a number of MINIs before.


I have them on mine but I also have black covers on them (when I'm not using them) so they are less noticeable.


Sorry, no pic handy right this minute but I can send you one if nobody else posts one soon.

"Mr. OEM" - 05 JCW (TK, GPIC, SS, GPTA, R56 RSB, StBr, R56 BBK, GPWhls, SV, RS, R56 GSI, IES, StrWhl, GK, HG, LBIT) MCS, HB/HB, Packs: 1, 2, 3 & 4. LSD, Rear FL, LB/PB upholstery (inc. LB SB & HB), HB Int, Anth. HL, PDC, Nav. OEM: DPSM+Aux, SIRIUS, BT, RV Cam, Aux gauges, ILK, Alarm, AK, PFM, DL, SpLnk, CFD, CSL, BIW, R52 diag rods, EuroTL, EuroWT, EPS, EASM. AM: IanCullAUC, Intravee+KCA420i, SchrothR4, MM-STR.

License Plate: SUV2BIG MotoringID: CARVE129

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For those who want to see photos from ShowCarDetailing at the Dragon, go to their Facebook page and look for a set of 175 pictures he (Richard Lin) posted. Mine are a series of 11 pictures; PW/B with white wheels. Shows Sonax and Black Wow.

JAB 67

Fairfax, VA

2004 MCS, PW/B

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I just really want to see how it looks with the tire mounted on Bender's boot


That's gonna be a little while. Need to get a tire out of storage to mount. Also will need to get the license plate assembly wired up. So, shortly before MTTS.

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