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  1. I hit a coyote the other day coming down the mountain from Frostburg
  2. I know you capped but can I sneak in behind by accident?
  3. I will also be meeting up at Point of Rocks
  4. When is Mini's in the Appalachia? Is the list for that event full? I've been wanting to do a Skyline cruise. Put out a feeler in the Mini USA group on FB but never got any responses
  5. I'd be down for that. Are other Minis coming or just us? I mean idc either way I just like getting out and driving.
  6. I'm planning to be there for the drive even though I live 15 minutes from Summit Point!
  7. Wait I do have pics lol let's see, 2 large totes of stuff, work boots, tools, a welder, detailing stuff, 3 trash bags of clothes, a floor jack, and much more lol
  8. I didn't take any pics but I've had a lawn mower, grill, and almost everything I had to my name when I moved
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