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  1. We are going to be vacationing down hear the dragon, so we are going to try to check it out finally. For those of you experienced going there, and you had a couple hours, what are must stop spots for photos and for a drive?
  2. Anyone got a set or R53 mirror caps or left mirror cap they want to get ride of?
  3. OF course...i just now see this hahaha Oh well...Have fun!
  4. Hoping to be around for this!
  5. I should be showing up for this
  6. For some reason I thought this was Thursday...oh well. Hope everyone had fun.
  7. Is the "Ian Cull's auto-up circuit" pretty easy to install/program?
  8. You know, I think what I have are R98s, Donross yours look like mine (need to double check now). Colby, I was given a set and one has a dent but holds air, so ljust looking to replace that one.
  9. Does anyone have an R90 wheel sitting around? Straight and in good shape. If you do, do you want to part with it?
  10. Is there a time limit for how long what you are doing can take? Got a few things to do and trying to figure out if its worth trying to do there or just in a garage.
  11. updated, bringing Buffalo dip
  12. Run by Advanced and have them hook it up to test it....whats the harm?
  13. shoot, i missed this! Hope everyone had a good time.
  14. unstable

    Happy Hour

    <p>Thursday December 15th</p> <p>6:30 pm</p> <p>Parking Target Garage</p> <p>Teds Bulletin</p> <p>Diner · Mosaic District</p> <p>Fairfax, VA</p> <p>(571) 830-6680</p>
  15. unstable

    Happy Hour

    Thursday December 15th 6:30 pm Parking Target Garage Teds Bulletin Diner · Mosaic District Fairfax, VA (571) 830-6680
  16. Has anyone local don the "one ball" mod, AKA muffler delete on their R53?
  17. Passenger side mirror cap, flat black is the color. Its off an R53. Free to a good home.
  18. 2006 R53, 3rd owner bought used 11/14 with 48k miles on it. It currently has 53K miles on it now.
  19. I didn't see anything specific about clothing....
  20. Just checking to make sure this is still happening?
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