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  1. Do not wait for me at Starbucks ... depending on the weather I may plan to meet up at the lunch spot instead.
  2. I can't help but laugh at this one. It could otherwise imply that poorly behaved children *do not* need to be accompanied by an adult (a la let 'em run amok!) See ya Sunday!!
  3. I've got it penciled in .. and thanks Erica for cross-posting .. I had seen it in a mass email a few weeks ago but had forgotten. I'm not 100% certain yet, but should know in the next week. Somebody point me to a link to RSVP on this? Thanks!
  4. As an update to the Ship to Portland idea, there is a sign up list from Facebook here: Transport to Portland interest on Facebook There is sufficient interest to get a truck out of Atlanta, still hoping we can get one closer than that. Put your name on the google doc link or PM me directly; if I get a half dozen other MINIs I'll start making some phone calls. The individual heading up the Atlanta transport is also in contact with the drop off MINI dealer in Portland so that part of the process should be but a formality.
  5. Since being in Orlando / Tallahassee / New Orleans in the middle of the summer holds no appeal to me, I'd consider shipping my MINI to Portland and doing that route .. anybody else? (and if anyone hears of anyone organizing a transport truck to the PNW from the east coast, please post details / contact info. Can't consider the ship & fly without the details. Thanks!
  6. How appropriate .. a MINI for each MILE ... And glad to see that we got enough shirt orders for a 2nd run .. thanks, y'all! And thanks to Craig and Lona for the photos! I had a great time acknowledging the heros of our country on their special day ..
  7. What's the status on the 2nd run? I hope people interested were contacting you direct, Laura, so that there's enough (which it wouldn't look like based on thread replies!) .. if not enough not sure if the deadline can be extended another week - 10 days so that anybody too busy with Thanksgiving and Black Friday might now start thinking about that MINI person they just need one more stocking stuffer for .. (I'm tryin'!) Thanks! PS If you are able to extend the deadline, maybe Edit Post # 1 that indicates the deadline has past and note the new deadline .. ?
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