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  1. What year Mini did these come from? They changed TPMS sensors during the Gen 2's Thx
  2. Ok, my Mini and my 10 year anniversary is coming up (10/31). I wasn't paying attention and missed her birthday (Feb) and she rewarded me by completely erasing all programming from her footwell module. So, I don't want to disrespect her again. I thought of a full detail as a b-day gift (which she really needs) but that's the usual "goto" gift. Anyone have any suggestions? No real mods that I need done. Just trying to think of something nice. 10 years is a biggie Thx!
  3. Welcome! Please remember we drive on the RIGHT side of the road
  4. For those of you that have to have one I saw this...... https://9to5toys.com/2020/05/28/elago-airpods-mini-case/
  5. scottt

    Misstress Run

    Also add my thanks!! Even the kids had a good time!!
  6. Full stomach Top down Pandora 60's, 70's & 80's station cranking on the Harmon Kardon Nice twisty roads Wonderful soundtrack of Chillin's exhaust note Was a great run. Thanks to all!!!
  7. I think I'll be able to join for the BBQ to Pastry part of the run.
  8. Based on a suggestion from a member, I went up a size to 215's. I got the Michelin Pilot Sports (from Costco). Really like them.
  9. Was told about $700ish to repaint the hood. Can't afford that Poor car is only worth $4k.
  10. Hmmm, do they give a credit for the old hood? :-) Know of a place that will repaint? Current hood is dent free, just a bunch of scratches.
  11. Horizon Blue?????? I could come up to MD this weekend
  12. Anyone know of an available bonnet/hood for a 2010 non-Type S R57? Horizon Blue if possible. Thx!!
  13. Yeah....that's exactly how I'm "torn".......only 33k miles....yet she's slightly over 8 years old.
  14. I'm interested. I have a 2010 with approx 33k miles. Is there a way to tell if I need this? Hate to waste the $$$ if I don't need to.
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