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  1. I happen to be one of those last minute scheduling disasters so between me and my +1 that opens up two spaces and should get us closer to 60 overall. Hope you guys have an awesome drive tomorrow! Upset to have to miss it this year. Glad I got my motoring in today heading to and from Cars and Coffee.
  2. I was outside eating a late dinner with my fiancee... facing the other direction but I tend to get distracted by loud cars so turned around in time to catch a glimpse Wish I'd heard the hushpower though - must be awesome!
  3. Is this still on your car and any chance you drove through Clarendon (Clarendon and N Fillmore) last night roundabout 9-930? If so, I heard you and it was awesome. If not, there's another hyper-blueish R53 S with a nice exhaust prowling the hard streets of Clarendon.
  4. This better be available with red LEDs that trace back and forth...
  5. Yep... had to come back out at lunch and tag your MINI. Welcome!
  6. Pulled into my Reston town center parking garage this morning directly behind another black JCW hatch (what are the chances?!). This one looked to be a slightly newer 2011/2012 with the CR roof / bonnet stripes, but otherwise nearly the twin of mine. They peeled off the other direction and I was late for a meeting so couldn't track them down but was a great start to the morning! Also, the tag was some seven letter derivation of "MINI Ninja" I believe, if it was you.
  7. I was able to download the video just fine this morning (Firefox, Windows 7)
  8. Not current on the 2011/2012 models but she might have meant DTC (dynamic traction control), which is (was?) the optional intermediate setting allowing a bit more yaw/fun over the standard stability control program. My '09 defaults to stability control full-on, press and hold for DTC, press and hold again for all assists off but the e-diff lock.
  9. I have the base unit in my R56 and it is crap (the 14 year old unit in my other car is far superior). Would highly recommend getting the upgrade if you plan to listen to anything on a regular basis. Fortunately, the factory intake, BOV and exhaust on my JCW is all the audio I need day-to-day. :rock:
  10. Tagged a white Countryman in a Reston Town Center parking garage this morning. Also, I've noticed a black JCW hatch with red center stripes a couple times now in the same garage.
  11. Is anyone here the owner of an MD-plate red Countryman with the tag "ZAFTIG" in the College Park area? If so you are now famous on the internetz. "Mini Countryman redeemed by excellent license plate" via Jalopnik
  12. Consider me stumped then. I haven't noticed the same issue in mine (I'm using an old iPod Video that I leave permanently in the car hooked up through the proprietary $$$ USB + audio jack connector). Always seems to resume with the last audio source I used unless I've disconnected the iPod at some point or if the battery discharged. Or I might just not notice.
  13. Last year's MTTB was my first taste of DCMM - plan to be there again this year. I'm also planning to print out some flyers and tag the 10+ MINIs that have popped up in my apartment's parking garage (they're multiplying!)
  14. MINI might store individual settings to each key, so if you're using a different key to access/start your MINI it might revert to the audio settings of when that key was last used, rather than the last time you drove. That said, it's more likely something that Craig mentioned.
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