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  1. Was great seeing everyone again! Had a really good time catching up!
  2. $700 for a detail? Did I read that right? Though the car *does* look utterly gorgeous after. . .
  3. Sweet! What kind of event?
  4. There's a set of 2012 JCW Brembos for sale for $600 over on the RMW forums. Someone on the dragon was looking for a used set and I can't for the life of me remember who it was. This is a pretty darned good price for these brakes. I've got these on my car and they're great! Won't fit under stock rims (S-Lites at least) without spacers though. From his post: ---------------------------- This is the factory Brembo setup removed after 23,000 miles from my 2012 Coupe. The rotors are not slotted/drilled. Includes both OEM and SS lines and remainder of OEM pads. Rotors are 316mm X 22mm and 4-piston calipers. Would like to get $600obo + shipping for it all. Email me at autocrossaddict@gmail.com if interested and I will send you a few pics.
  5. Deep breaths Quitta! We gotta get our SATT/FATT days set up so we can get our fix! It was soooo hard being back in DC. Potholes, too many drivers, have to keep the revs low because of noise and not enough MINIs!
  6. Holdin down the fort and chomping at the bit to get on the road! I'm finishing up at work and am starting my drive down between 4:30 and 5. If there's any last minute stragglers that want to caravan down with me, let me know!
  7. You still up for doing a walnut blasting party? I'd be game for my bmw. Intake valves get super funky on direct injection and seafoam doesn't do a thing for 'em.
  8. Thanks again for setting this up! The work on betsy's car looks fantastic!
  9. Got Betsy nailed down, we'll take the 210 and 250 slots if we can still get them.
  10. Alice is getting dropped off to get some more work done, assuming he's roadworthy I'm in!
  11. Most of the dents are on the roof of betsy's yaris, any chance we could get a couple slots? How much time would you need to do a roof (would you be willing to do a roof?) None of the roof dents are big, she was parking under a tree that was dropping pine cones for a year and has maybe a dozen divots from those. Thanks!
  12. Responsible adult? No idea where we're going to find one of those.
  13. Are non minis welcome? Betsy's Yaris has some dings that need to be worked out. . .
  14. Had a blast! thanks for setting it up tyler!
  15. I'll likely be going wed night/thurs night. . .be looking for a corner to sleep in. Be happy with a bed, sofa, porch, place to stick an air mattress, place to stick a tent. . . Keep in touch Quitta, might rally down with you.
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