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  2. I just wen to add this to my calendar, I think you meant May 4th it's almost Dragon time!!!
  3. Yesterday
  4. I’m not opposed to not having coffee in my coffee mug. Our association doesn’t do much other than snow removal and mowing the common areas. I’m annoyed because the decided to start enforcing parking rules. Except they don’t. Don’t make me put an ugly sticker on my car and then let my neighbor have a broken down, pile of unregistered bolts taking up a visitor spot! <insert Ali-like swearing here>
  5. Last couple installs & vacuuming Sunday and the ducks ready to get loaded up!
  6. I really need to set aside some time to plan and pack. I have had none, every time I think I can something comes up (work, job interviews, etc...) his getting out of the military is way to much work.
  7. I'm hoping to give Amelia a bath and vacuum on Sunday. She has her oil change and Mark is going to rotate her tires
  8. Bring a cooler and have your own happy hour at the meeting. I recommend putting Michael in charge of recruiting for the resistance. Home owners' association are UN-AMERICAN, Michael should be able to cut his grass naked on a riding mower while drinking a Margarita through a three foot swizzle straw is he wants. BECAUSE "MERICA
  9. New wheels/tires are on! Tomorrow is detailing day. Sunday is laundry and packing. Dragon Brain is seriously impeding my ability to be productive at work.
  10. I had one for the countryman, I'll have to see if I can find it
  11. Tomorrow Amelia gets her service at Passport, pre-Dragon checkout.
  12. Last week
  13. I’m now a “no”. I just found out our homeowners association meeting is the same night. We’re having a lot of issues, so I really need to be there. Boo.
  14. My iPod cable went out. It was the one that came with my car (2012). I was wondering if anyone had one that they don't use anymore. It's the old style iPod with the 30 pin hookup. The other end has a USB and aux. I bought this aftermarket one but the car says it's not supported and won't play: https://www.microcenter.com/product/374188/hi-fi-stereo-audio-and-usb-charger-cable-for-ipod-iphone-ipad Let me know if you have one and willing to sell
  15. The dent guy at the Dragon does a good job. He fixed a couple on Cricket one year. He also fixed a scratch.
  16. You get dents before the dragon, I blow tires before.
  17. I'm pretty much out of free time before the dragon and I don't mind having them work it while I am there. It isn't super noticeable unless you are used to how the car is supposed to look.
  18. I know a guy in Fairfax if you want to fix it before you leave. Randy at Detail Authority
  19. I got a new dent to bring to the Dragon! Gonna get that guy fixed while I am there.
  20. I ordered Tigger a new clutch!!! I pick it up at the Dragon. he's staying home, but he's getting a present
  21. Ugh... I have such bad Dragon Brain today...
  22. Heading to the show today! ::Waving::
  23. Earlier
  24. ME! I have my canvas & brushes, hopefully I remember to bring them
  25. I get off at 530, depends on traffic and if I actually get out on time
  26. I'm a maybe because my client is in town and I might already be home and drunk by 6pm.
  27. I do have that. Should I plan on bringing to share?
  28. Make sure you have an acrylic sealer for glass
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