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Pepper white

Wrapping mini Cooper hood

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Can you give a little more detail are you looking to wrap the entire hood to include the incorporated front fenders a different color, or are you looking to change up the stripe/different graphic on the hood. Just want to be sure we are giving you proper advise on materials, etc...


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22 hours ago, Pepper white said:

I want to do just the hood in black or the whole hood or a different strips in black 

Just something different but black 

If you are wrapping the entire hood you need to use a product like 3M's 1080 series vinyl wrap. When it comes to full panel wraps the quality and proper time of vinyl is very important. Using a sub-par product will never get you the result you want.


If you are doing stripes or some other type of design, a sign shop can cut the pieces, make sure the are using a quality cast vinyl like oracal 651 or 751, as what the color waranty is on the material.

Or you can always Plastidip.

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