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    "Love to have a great time life is to short
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  1. Wrap beast quote 400 for the hood Exotic quote 275 for the hood and if you want the strip taken off 100 more
  2. Thank you I was actually trying to find someone to do it , thanks for the advice
  3. I want to do just the hood in black or the whole hood or a different strips in black Just something different but black
  4. Happy new year....have anyone wrap there hood before on there mini I am tired of the look want something different I would love to do .... Do anyone have any recomendation???
  5. Hello mini cooper lovers I have a 2010 mini cooper can someone point me in the right direction for a great car stereo what would be best ....thank you in advance
  6. I am in the baltimore area my engine is running hot where can I go and get it check out I don't know if I can make it to Gt
  7. Where can I get a mini bike rack for my car I want one that is on top of the roof I believe lol
  8. Hello I need help taking them off can u recommend someone
  9. Pepper white


    Hello can u take off strips to and if so how much???? I want mine off something different I know I need help
  10. I put to much oil in my car I went and got it drain it is smoking light when will it stop every time it is idle
  11. Wow u sure about that Will it leave a demarcation
  12. I want to know how to remove my stripes or I want something different stripes
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