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MINIs on the Dragon

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I am doing the Thursday Brewery drive to Silva again this year. Good barbeque and The Heinzelmannchen brewery. (Say that twice) There are two other brewers in Silva that we might go visit, one never knows how many breweries have popped up. We wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to expand our beer knowledge.

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Hope all of you heading to the dragon have a really safe trip there and back! Looking forward to seeing all the cool pictures. I'll be doing laps around Fairlakes Parkway thinking of all of you!


It's been fun but Tigger broke as soon as we arrived. Hoping he'll be fixed today, it's the alternator

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It's official that I'm not going to make it. Can someone pick up my registration?
I will be happy to return the favor! Sorry that you can't make it. :frown:
Thank you!


Tell everyone I said hello

Melissa - I have picked up your registration. Hilary - yours too. :smile:


Chris & Steve - some other DCMMers already got yours... I think it was Mark & Ali, but it might have been Celia?

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We might be playing in the dark, we're in a power outage. Today has been a real adventure.


Tree came down in the middle of my photography run and almost took out a Cabrio. Craig saved the day with a hatchet .


Every year I went, I made sure to have a flashlight or 12. I'm pretty sure I took a lantern one year. Never once had a power outage. :stupid:


A hatchet? Was this something he normally carries? :top:

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