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Dragon Mods

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i try to get all my mods done before the dragon so i can show them off:motor: and not give up my car for a day just to get them put on! :banghead: I should have Daniel's DOS intake put on in the next couple days, getting my windows tinted in two weeks :rock:and if i still have any money left after i pay my taxes im thinking about getting quad lights!! :idea:

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Christy's Cabrio has the chrome package and it's killing me to keep looking at it. Both her and Regina like it, so I guess I'm out voted. My Clubbie has just the rings and grille moldings chrome. I think that's just enough. Thought about wrapping it with CF, but that would be the only CF I'd have. Maybe Plasti dip the black. Maybe.


We do have some Lime Green vinyl wrap coming to do her fenders and cowl panel. Wish it would be here before the Ferry run. but probably won't be. Her car will be there though!




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