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Haemish teaches Ali how to drive

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Okay, it looks like Ali is actually doing more cursing than learning here but it's a pretty good video. Thanks to Celia for capturing it.


You'll have to download it to watch it - YouTube won't let me post it because of the audio track so it's on my MobileMe page.






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You don't need no stinkin voice sound track, just read my lips. I notice that Haemish wasn't talking at all, but I certainly yapped my way through the ride. :alberteinstein:


Haemish was so serious. I knew I was safe the whole time :biggrin:

Tigger 2006 the cabrio and Riversong the 2014 Countryman


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ROFL - I love it! I only wish we could indeed hear Ali's voice (a PG-13 version?). Thanks to Celia and Craig for their use of the GoPro and the video editing, respectively, and to Ali for being such a good sport. :biggrin:


Incidentally, my MINI's name is actually "Mr. OEM", in spite of the SUV2BIG license plate.

"Mr. OEM" - 05 JCW (TK, GPIC, SS, GPTA, R56 RSB, StBr, R56 BBK, GPWhls, SV, RS, R56 GSI, IES, StrWhl, GK, HG, LBIT) MCS, HB/HB, Packs: 1, 2, 3 & 4. LSD, Rear FL, LB/PB upholstery (inc. LB SB & HB), HB Int, Anth. HL, PDC, Nav. OEM: DPSM+Aux, SIRIUS, BT, RV Cam, Aux gauges, ILK, Alarm, AK, PFM, DL, SpLnk, CFD, CSL, BIW, R52 diag rods, EuroTL, EuroWT, EPS, EASM. AM: IanCullAUC, Intravee+KCA420i, SchrothR4, MM-STR.

License Plate: SUV2BIG MotoringID: CARVE129

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That is a true classic! What fun to watch the calm focus of Haemish and the pure adrenalin of Ali - that is an awesome veiw of the thrill of driving the Dragon!


2009 JCW MellowYellow

KW variant 3 coilovers

22mm /XP10 pads

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